Your 5 Step Plan for Making (more!) Money This Year

If you’re like many of my students, just the title of this post – and that picture –  brings up conflicted feelings.

“I’d LOVE to make more money this year….” vs. “Who cares about money? That’s not what matters to me.”  

Those two sides are duking it out in your head.

I get that. Many entrepreneurs – especially those in a passion-driven, heart-centered kind of business – have a real love-hate relationship with money.

We need it to live. We want more of it to live well. And we hate ourselves for even thinking about it.

But the simple truth is that you can’t be poor enough to ever help anyone else.

And the better off you are – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially – the more power you have to help the world around you.

So let’s call that a pre-game bonus step: Drop the guilt and allow yourself to want more.

Got it? Good.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about how to make money, good money, in your business this year.

Step 1: Take the time to create an actual plan.

That sounds trite, doesn’t it? And yet – have you done it? 

“Duh, Wendy, I know I need to do that – but what if I don’t even know where to start?”

Personally, I start with a white board, because I like the visuals. (Plus, they’re so forgiving and easy to erase.)

Start by jotting down every crazy idea you have for what you might want to do this year. What new product do you want to create? What new target do you want to reach? (If you’ve got an idea “parking lot”, check there for inspiration, too.)

Next, narrow down the list to what you actually could do this year.

Which idea makes your heart pound a little? Which one lights you up? Which one would be awesome to actually accomplish?

That’s the one.

Now, mark off the board, or your sheet of paper, into quarters – and think.

Where do I want to be at the end of the year? What key steps must I accomplish in order to get there? (We’re just thinking broad strokes here, not the details.) And of those steps, what could I get done in the first quarter, the second, etc.?

Once you have that roughed out, put it aside for a while. Later, come back to take a fresh look and fine tune.

Now, you have a plan – or at least a good start on one. :)

Step 2: Get creative and add packages.

Ever ordered a combo from a fast food restaurant? That’s a package.

On one hand, it makes more money for the restaurant. (You might have skipped those fries, otherwise.) On the other, it makes things easier for you. (You don’t have to add up all the components and think through each detail of what you want.)

How could you apply that principle to your business?

One of my clients, an energy healer who is so popular she can barely keep up with demand, recently started offering packages to her peeps. “How many are taking you up on them?” I asked her. “Almost everyone”, she said.

Including me. Yes – I’m HER client, too. :)

Part of that, sure, was because it saved me a little money. But even better, it helped me establish a longer term commitment to my own health and well being.

For her, it meant more income up front, a win/win for everyone.

What could you add to your services that would do the same?

Step 3: Gather your nerve and raise your rates.

If it’s been years since you’ve raised your rates, you’re not even keeping up with inflation – which means you’re losing a ton of money.

So this is the year. Raise them.

Conflicted? Read this.

Not sure how? Read this.

Step 4: Get out of the office and connect OFF line.

It’s far too easy to rely on digital communication to stay in touch. In many ways, we are more connected than we’ve ever been – and yet we barely know our neighbors.

(Besides – the possibility that you can build an empire while sitting at your computer in your pajamas is, well, a really slim possibility…)

When was the last time you attended a networking event? Gave a talk? Offered an event?

Get in front of potential customers – as a living, breathing human being standing in the same room. :) Make it easier for your prospects to get to know you.

Their business won’t be far behind.

Step 5: Keep coming back to Joy.

It’s no accident that I’m ending with this.

Because you can follow the best strategies in the world, but if you don’t have the right mindset, they’ll only take you so far.

And the right mindset always means, to me, coming back to Joy.

Are you doing work you love? Are you taking time to celebrate the wins – large and small – that you have every week? Do you let yourself appreciate the good things your clients say and do? Are you holding on to your sense of humor?
When you think about all that is possible, do roll your eyes in cynicism?

Or grin in anticipation?

Notice the energy that each of those brings up in you. When you seek out things to feel good about, more and more good-feeling things will occur. And the opposite is true, as well.

Now – which of these five steps will you implement first?
Let me know in the comments below…

(And a quick p.s.: If you’re overwhelmed by developing your plan, creating packages, delivering a talk or finding your joy, maybe it’s time to get yourself a coach. Click here…)

Photo Credit: frankieleon on Flickr


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