Why You Have to Sell to Your Self First


It can be icky, I know.

Just the thought of selling anything to anyone might creep you out.

When I think about selling, my mind immediately goes to car lots. All you have to do is park in front of one, hop out and take a quick peek at a window sticker, and you’ll have a sales person heading your way in a nanosecond.

Ugh. That kind of selling I can do without.

And yet – there is another side of selling that we often miss. And that’s what I’ll share with you in this video.

When someone asks you what you do, how you help, or what you charge, what happens?

Are you able to answer them? Can you speak with clarity, conviction and confidence? Or do you stumble over your words, look away, or avoid the question entirely?

Don’t feel bad. If that sounds like you, you have a LOT of company. :)

(For real.) 

The simple truth is that many of you started your business because you care about others, because you want to help, or because you have a skill that you know can make a difference in some way.

Selling had nothing to do with it. And unless you were a business major, the whole idea of “selling” probably just makes your skin crawl.

But here’s the thing.

Learning how to sell – with integrity, in the spirit of service, and in a way that is totally in alignment with who you are – is a critical skill.

Without it, your ability to build a successful and sustainable business is in jeopardy.

And if your business doesn’t make it, you’re not going to have the impact that you know you can have.

So the first person you have to sell to, is yourself.

You have to believe in yourself. And in what you do.

And in what you charge.

In this video, we’ll talk about that idea, what it means, why it matters. And I’ll share three specific steps you can take to get yourself to that better place.

If you’ll follow these three steps, you’ll never stumble over your answer to that question again.

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