What Does Your Business Stand For?

In other words, what’s the foundation of the work you do?

What are your core principles, beliefs and values? And how do you communicate those to your peeps?  

I know. It’s a weird question… but it’s one you need to be able to answer.

When you started your practice, you weren’t thinking about beliefs. Most likely, you just wanted to get paid. Income was everything, and building up a steady stream of clients was paramount.

In fact, getting your business off the ground probably felt a bit random. Chaotic, even.

But over time, you will find that certain beliefs, principles or teachings become a theme for you.

You’ll find yourself saying the same thing to clients over and over. When you’re telling friends about what you do – and why you do it – you’ll return to a key story, phrase or belief that you hold dear.

In fact, when you speak from your heart about what you do, you’ll quickly come back to your core themes without hesitation.

Those beliefs should drive your message…

…because when you identify those themes, you can be more intentional about using them in your business.

In other words, what are the core principles on which your business is built? What are the core beliefs on which you stand as the owner and creator of this beautiful work?

Figuring this out will help you in two really important ways.

FIRST – from a mindset perspective – you’ll know who you are and what you do. You’ll feel a greater sense of ownership and clarity. And that, in turn, will bring you a whole new level of confidence and strength.

SECOND – from a strategy perspective – you’ll have a consistent framework for all of your marketing.  Those core beliefs become your message, and they’ll resonate with your ideal clients.

Thinking about this one day, I whipped out my journal, found a blank page, and started playing with the phrase, I believe.

I thought about what I know about my clients, what I know about myself and the way I work. In no time at all, I had my own core messages on paper, and they felt right – because I wrote from my heart.

Here are my deepest beliefs about my clients, and our work together.

1. I BELIEVE… that most entrepreneurs, especially women, have a LOT more to offer than they give themselves credit for.

2. I BELIEVE… that some fear is a necessary and natural part of life, and an absolute prelude to all meaningful growth. I believe that big steps bring big fear and big progress…and nothing brings that out like running your own business.

3. I BELIEVE… that with real support, time, clear guidance, and the occasional (loving) kick-in-the-pants, entrepreneurs with big hearts and big dreams can also make big bucks and have a big impact on the world.

4. I BELIEVE… that if it isn’t fun, if it doesn’t give you goosebumps, if you don’t get so tickled that it brings tears to your eyes – it’s probably not worth doing. Go find what is.

And one more…

5. I BELIEVE… that I have a gift for seeing behind the mask, for helping people break through roadblocks, for coaching entrepreneurs into bringing their highest and best selves into their business. And I believe that this is my calling and my purpose for my time on the planet.

And if you’ve followed me for a while, or if you’ve worked with me at all, I think you’ll find that this is exactly what I preach. It IS who I am, and what my business is all about.

So, here’s your homework.

Take some time this week to think about your clients and what you know is true for them. Think about how you – and your business – are different from others in your industry. Think about what you love and what you hold dear.

Think about what you stand for.

Starting with “I believe, write out 3-5 core beliefs for your business. Begin weaving those throughout your marketing, then watch your confidence build and your numbers grow.

And you can start right here. :) 


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