LIFE APPS from the ORCHARD, Part 2: 6 Simple Ideas for Low-Tech Fun in a High-Tech World

On our September Secret Adventure we tried our hand at what really was some sweet & simple, unplugged fun at Liles Acres Organic Farm. Starting with a barrel full of hand-selected apples, we learned how to make our own fresh, sweet apple cider, then topped that off with homemade apple sauce and a batch of muffins.

At the end of the day, we gathered around a picnic table to taste, and toast, our creative success. While enjoying, quite literally, the fruits of our labor, I challenged everyone to come up with ideas for some old-fashioned fun that they could do at home. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest, and I think they surprised themselves with how creative they were.

I thought their ideas were great!

So great, in fact, that I’d like to share them with you.

And yes, you really SHOULD “try this at home”.

So here you go: 6 SIMPLE IDEAS for some old-fashioned fun from the Courageous Women’s Community.

From BECKY TUCKERBake a pie. From scratch. For real. Okay – so maybe you could cheat on the crust, but for a real adventure – don’t. :)

From SHANA MONTAGUEPlan a picnic. Take the family out for the whole deal. Blanket in the grass. Fried chicken. Potato salad. Ants. The works. And don’t forget the camera.

From CARRA EGGERSHold a Game Night. Gather friends for an evening of board games. And laughter. Make it BYOB. Repeat it next month at someone else’s house. PLAY.

LINDA PRICE.Go camping. With girlfriends. “I think if I promised to get the camp set up, and helped them figure out what to bring and how to do it, they’d come.” Go Linda!!

BARBARA FINCHTry new recipes. Together. Create an appetizer sampler with friends. The catch? Ask them to bring an appetizer they’ve never made before, OR bring a recipe and try preparing them all together as a group. Delish!

LINDA SPANNAUS.: Create a cookbook. Gather favorite recipes from family and friends and put them together into a simple-to-share cookbook.

Okay Becky, Shana, Linda P., Barbara, Linda S. and Carra! What’s the news? Have you tried your idea yet? If not, get it ON the calendar and tell us about it.

And as to the rest of you, which one of these would you like to try?

And how long has it been since you played a hand of rook? Tossed the dice? Too long?

Wanna do something about that?



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Photo Credits:Wendy Pitts Reeves and Mark Strozier on Flikr


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