Episode 95. Adding Packages to Your Client Offers Can Help Your Practice. Here's Why.

Packages are often misunderstood in our industry, but the truth is, they can really make a difference for your private practice.

In fact, learning how to strategically add pricing packages to your work can boost profits, enhance the value of what you offer, and make life easier for your clients – all at the same time.

What’s not to love about that?

So let’s talk about this. Today, we’ll explore 3 types of packages you could create, and how they could help.

We’ll talk about what each of those types are, and I’ll share several examples of how they can be used.

I’ll also tell you about the time that being able to put together the right kind of package for the moment helped me make a BIG transition in my own practice without losing a single client.

Yeah - this is a skill worth learning.

Give it a listen.

P.S. Are you already using packages in your practice? If so, shoot me an email and tell me about it. How has that been working for you??



Play with this. Based on the concepts I shared in this episode, sit down and sketch out a messy first draft (or second) for what a possible package might look like in your practice.

Then - want some feedback? Send it to me in the body of an email (not as an attachment!) and I’ll send some notes back within 48 hours.

No, there’s no charge for this. My gift to you… Send your notes to [email protected].

I’ll be looking for it! 👀



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