Episode 71. How to Tell The Universe What You Want for Your Practice

Your business has its own kind of living, breathing energy, and you must be in relationship with that energy.

But relationships take work - right?

So how do you keep things healthy and strong?

Turns out, you just have to use a little magic.

Yeah. Let’s go there. :)

In this episode, you’ll learn about a fun, creative technique you can use to smooth out any rough spots, communicate your desires, and step way more fully into a healthy relationship with - you guessed it - your private practice.

And what I’m going to suggest today might sound a little crazy. But as you’ll hear in this episode, my own experience with this technique has been kind of amazing.

So, why not give it a try? 

P.S. “Okay Wendy - so that was interesting.... I know, right? This DEFINITELY is not what you’ll hear on most private practice podcasts. And it might not be for everyone - but what the heck. It’s how I think. And if it’s how you think too, would you please share a little love with a 5 star review and a few words over on Apple Podcasts or Spotify? I’ll be forever grateful. Promise! 


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