Episode 57. Take Your Practice on the Road with Kym Tolson

This was SO much fun!

In this episode I had such a fun interview with Kym Tolson, AKA “The Traveling Therapist”. You may recognize her, since she was on Ideal Practice back in Episode 30, talking about everything related to managing your own billing. In fact, she’s the first person I’ve ever invited back for a second visit.

Because this is the conversation I really wanted to have. :)

Dreaming of a life on the road? Wondering if you can keep a practice going and travel at the same time?

This is the episode for you.

Kym has been on the road full time since February of 2022, still running her business full throttle all the way. So she’s learned a LOT about what it takes to keep a practice going as a ‘digital nomad’.

Today, she’s sharing some of her favorite tips with you, like: 

  1. How to manage appointments across different time zones
  2. What to do when your internet is wonky
  3. How to find a travel rhythm that suits you
  4. Key things to consider in your clinical practice and more.

Oh - and wait til you hear what she uses to get around in as she moves from the east coast to the west and back again…It’s not a camper van, lol.

With a lively sense of humor, Kym sees the impossible as possible, y’all.

Listen, and you’ll see it too.

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Kym, a therapist who is licensed in Virginia, has an online insurance-based therapy practice, and travels full time as a digital nomad. After learning the hard way that she needed to pay closer attention to the billing side of her practice, she dove in to learn all she could about insurance billing herself. We talked about that back in Episode 30. 

Today, she’s also known as the Traveling Therapist, with a podcast and a Facebook group by the same name. She’s also launched a course where you can learn how to do this yourself!

You can find her at the following:
The Traveling Therapist Membership 




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