3 Steps to Setting Your Ideal Hourly Rate (Free Download)

If you’re at all like me, and most of my peeps, numbers are not always your friend. Just the word "math" takes us back to school, and all that angst. Am I right? (Lord, a required statistics class on "testing & measurement" just about did me in!)

But I think you’re gonna like these numbers.

Today, Friend, you do the math: what if you could make six figures while taking four weeks vacation (or more!) every year? Does that sound crazy? Impossible?

Well, it’s not.

This simple 5 minute math formula will help you calculate the ideal hourly rate that will help you reach your ultimate financial goals.

Check it out below:

Aren’t you amazed?!

This is an exercise I usually start with during a VIP Intensive, where I work closely with a client, 1:1, on their business for a full day - and it always, always, always blows their mind.

As promised, I’ve attached my FREE worksheet to give you the 3 steps to reverse engineer your rates → Reverse Engineer Your Income Worksheet. Your challenge this week Friend, is to crunch some numbers, use this worksheet, and see what’s possible for you.

Then join us on Thursday at 1PM eastern for our Ideal Practice Cafe. I can’t wait to talk with you about this one. Sooooo good!

P.S. Need help boosting your bottom line? Grab another free download here for alllll kinds of good ideas.


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