3 of the Best Kept Secrets for Powerful (Joyful!) Success

Have you noticed how some people seem to be naturally successful in their business, without even trying? While others work like crazy, but never get anywhere?

Why is that?

There are as many answers as there are entrepreneurs, of course. The path to success for each of us is as complex as we are.

As a serial entrepreneur myself, and as a coach, I’ve observed countless ways that business owners work over the years. I’ve seen those who focus totally on strategy, with no thought to the heart behind their work. And I’ve seen those who are so focused on their passion that they blow the strategy completely.

Neither way brings much joy.

And along the way, I’ve learned what the 3 most powerful secrets are to any sustainable, profitable, genuinely joyful business success.

(After all, why are you in business if it doesn’t bring you joy?)

Here they are.

1. Be (one of) the best at what you do.

This is the most overlooked – and critical – secret to success there is.

Your ability to perform the service that you’re offering has to be top notch, especially if you’re in a service industry. You may have a slick website, smart marketing, and a clever logo – but if you don’t have the skills to deliver the service, none of that will matter for very long.

If you’re a therapist, be one of the best therapists in your area. If you’re a cake decorator, be one of the most talented artists in your market. If you’re an attorney, be one of the best in your area of expertise.

You don’t have to be THE best. That’s aiming for perfection, and that’s a waste of energy. But you do need to be very, very good at what you do.

Or – at least well on your way through training and experience.

2. Take extremely good care of your most important asset.

It’s fun to talk about building a business that can run without you – but the truth is, you’re pretty crucial to the whole affair.

If you don’t believe that, just look at how Apple is adjusting without Steve Jobs.

Self care means something more when it comes to running your business. As the CEO of the company, you have an obligation to protect yourself.

Because it’s youyour vision, your strength, your ideas – that is the most crucial asset to your success.

This starts with your physical health. It takes energy and stamina to manage the physical demands of building a successful company – even a company of one. If you’re not feeling well, or if you’re exhausted and sluggish, your work will suffer.

But you must protect your emotional health, too. Don’t let them kid you – business is personal. So soothing your spirits and protecting your confidence matters just as much.

3. And finally, surround yourself with the “right” people.

This tip alone is The Key to it all.

When I say “the right people”, I’m not talking about people who are politically connected, or who have the right influence. I’m not talking about the movers and shakers. :)

I mean something else entirely.

In fact, there are three groups of people you’ll want in your life when you’re running your own business.

First – you need people who will support you no matter what.

These are the ones who will hug you when you need a good cry and who’ll help you keep going when you really want to quit.

Next, you need people who will challenge you to grow.

These folks see past your self-imposed limits and call you to a higher place. It is through them that we learn the hardest lessons, because they’ll call us on our ‘stuff’. But it’s also in these relationships that we discover what we’re truly capable of.

And finally, you need people who ‘get’ you, other entrepreneurs who are at your level in their own businesses. Sometimes, these people serve as all three – supporters, peer mentors, and coaches all rolled into one.

There are many, many aspects to financial, emotional, entrepreneurial success, true.

But these three are the very foundation on which everything else is built.

Do you have all three in your business?

Photo/Video Credit: Gonzalo Viera Azpiroz on Flickr



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