How to Make More Money – & Do More Good – for Your Clients

Not to offer her clients something more.

When this talented entrepreneur approached me about coaching to grow her business, I asked about her vision for where she wanted it to go. She’s been running a yoga studio for a long time, and has a loyal following. It sounded like her classes were full, and people loved her.

So where did she want it to go next?

She dreamed of serving her clients at a much higher level. In fact, she wanted to use her work as a springboard for a true transformation for their overall health and well being.

And because she’d worked with another coach recently, I asked about what she’d learned, and how that had helped. Apparently,  when she spoke with her previous coach about wanting to offer health and wellness programs to her clients, she was encouraged not to do that.

“I don’t upsell you…,” the coach said, as if that was somehow something to be admired.

And so, this talented teacher with a true heart for her clients, held back. Neither her skills, nor her confidence, nor her income, grew as a result.

And her clients weren’t served at the level she knew she could deliver – either.

Boy, has that changed.  

Though we’ve only been working together a couple of months, I am watching her step much more fully into who she really wants to be.

She’s learning how to put together packages that will make a huge difference for her clients. She’s learning how to craft an offer that feels good to share.

She’s learning how to sell – an important skill that makes every heart-centered entrepreneur just a little queasy. :)

And in the process, she’s learning how to lead.

Because when she provides a way for her people to do deeper work with her, she’s leading them into what she knows is best for them.

That’s selling from a place of service. And it’s in total alignment with who she is as a person, and as an entrepreneur.

“Up-selling” is what happens when someone offers you an upgrade, an add-on, or a more expensive version of the product or service you’re buying.

You see this all the time. When the sweet young thing behind the counter asks you about super-sizing your fries, you don’t mind a bit, do you?

But when the timeshare guy won’t let you leave without a barrage of ‘better offers’, you feel bullied.

The difference is in the energy behind the sale, and your true purpose.

Are you thinking about your client’s best interests? Do you feel strongly that this really is what would be best for them?

Then you have not only an opportunity to make more money,
but an obligation to make that offer.

That’s leadership.

Of course, just because you feel strongly, doesn’t mean you’re always right.

And it doesn’t mean you bully them into what you think they should do.

It means you offer them your higher level service, your more expensive program, because you believe in it.

And it means you respect their process, trusting that they’ll decide what’s right for them – because you believe in them.

Go back and read that again.

I have no interest in selling people something they don’t want, or need. In fact, I turn down more clients than I accept, because I believe so strongly in you hiring the person who’s right for you.

But if you’re interested in working with me, and you barely want to dip your toe in the water, I may challenge you about that. When you’re ready to grow, and I can see what you’re capable of – I won’t let you play small.

So yes – if I think it’s best – I’ll encourage you to work with me at the highest level, because I know what will work for you.

And you should do that for your clients, too.

My talented yoga teacher? Her new, high level program is almost sold out, and her income has jumped by the thousands in a matter of days. (She promised me she’d take time to celebrate this weekend!)

So what do your clients really want – and need?

Are you giving them that opportunity? And if not, why not?

Photo Credit: Freddie Alequin on Flickr



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