Episode 2. What IS an "Ideal Practice" Anyway? How to Define What's Right for You.

As entrepreneurs who are at cause in our businesses, we have the freedom AND the responsibility to design a practice that fits who we are, that works for us as well as it works for our clients - because when we do, we show up as our best selves, and do our best work. 

However, way too often, we develop a practice by default, with little thought about what we really want it to be. It’s easy to assume that we have to do things in a way that seem to be commonly accepted or expected among our peers. 

And that, in turn, can lead us to a place of feeling exhausted, under-appreciated, and broke. 

So what do we do about that? 

That’s what we’ll be talking about in this episode. 

We’ll talk about…

  • what it means to be an idealist and why that’s not such a bad thing…
  • the 5 most important words that you need to stand by in your business.
  • What it means to give yourself permission to do things YOUR way (and what it doesn’t.)
  • How to get clear on what your way IS.

You’ll also hear about healers who’ve made big decisions and big changes in their practice that worked, even when I thought it wouldn’t. 

So check it out, so you can design YOUR Ideal Practice too.


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