Want to Give Your Business a Check Up? Here’s How.

For real.

I could start with the 25 empty notebooks in every size and color, stacks of vinyl accordion files and the giant box of colorful vinyl paper-sorters/filers/holders that are in my closet right now.

We could move on to the three boxes of file folders, the big heavy box of specialty papers in all kinds of pretty designs, and the shoebox full of highlighters, Sharpies, flip chart markers and pens.

For now, we’ll skip the Post-It notes and ‘flags’.

(I’ve considered starting a 12-Step group: Office Addicts Anonymous!)

But actually, it’s all good.

The truth is that I’ve been cleaning out that office, tossing out countless bags of trash, recyclables, and donations. This is just what’s left. And yes, that’s funny.

But it’s also better. Way better.  

Tossing out one thing after another with brutal honesty has cleared my energy like nothing else. Suddenly I can think. I can move. I can breathe.

I can create.

And it’s true that a good old fashioned office purge is a great way to re-set your energy for the year.

But it’s even better to give your biz an overall-all annual check up, considering not just your physical environment, but your operations and systems as well.

This is the time to evaluate what’s working great, what you’re just tolerating, and what’s not working at all.

Then, decide.

Which improvements do you need to make? Want to make? And what’s your first priority?

Most of us are so busy working in our business that we rarely take time to think about things like this. As the days go by, we just do what we have to do, creating work-arounds for the things that get in our way.

We throw money at a quick fix like some new software we never bother to use, and do things the hard way because we don’t have time to find a better way.

And yet, just as your car runs better with clean oil in it’s valves, your business runs better with working systems and less gunk.

But how in the world do you do this for an entire business? How do you know even where to start? 

Start with the following five Check Up Clarity Questions.

  1. What feels good? And what doesn’t?
  2. What can you eliminate?
  3. What can you automate?
  4. What can you delegate?
  5. What can you celebrate?

Now, using each of those 5 questions as your guide, set aside time to explore each of the following areas of your business.

  • MONEY: In both business and personal, how are you doing at managing cash flow? Do you have a budget? Are you following it? Do you have the advisors that you need? How are your payment systems working? What about your pricing? Packages? Offers? Reporting and tracking systems?
  • CLIENT CARE: What kind of system do you have in place for enrolling new clients? Building engagement? How about the ways you deliver your services? Need to update your programs? Tools?
  • MARKETING and OUTREACH: How are your marketing efforts going on line and off? Consider things like consistency, message, effectiveness, stats, social media engagements, launches and blogging.
  • CALENDARING: (Is that even a word?) How could you improve your schedule? How do the 5 questions apply to your daily routine? Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly?
  • TEAM: Do you have the level of support you need to do the genius work you are called to do? If not, what’s missing? What would make the biggest difference to add?
  • ENVIRONMENT: How is your physical space working for you? What needs to change, and how could you make that happen?
  • LEGAL: Are your forms up to date? Copyrights, trademarks and/or patents in place? Do you have adequate and appropriate insurance? How about your legal entity (LLC, S-Corp, etc.)? Wills? Powers of Attorney?
  • GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT: What are you doing (or not doing) to develop, improve and enhance your skills? How does this apply not only to the work you do, but to your role as the CEO? Do you have a coach? Mastermind group? Accountability partner? Tutor? Mentor?
  • MINDSET: Where are your thoughts these days? How is your energy? What needs addressing? What can you do to raise your vibrations and focus on feeling good?
  • SELF CARE: This is last – but not because it’s least important. Quite the opposite. Running a business and doing it well takes everything you have, so you MUST practice extreme self care. Evaluate for yourself how you’re doing in each area: physical, emotional, social, spiritual.

This kind of review takes time, and for that reason, it is easy to blow things like this off.

But don’t.

Because it is exactly this kind of process that will clear the gunk, free up the energy, and increase the flow of everything in your business – including energy, ideas, and income.



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