How To Fix Chaotic Vibrations (and Recognize Self Sabotage)

I’ve got a secret for you.

One of the biggest blocks in creating my own Ideal Practice wasn’t marketing, finding clients, or even setting rates— it was my mindset, and how I thought about $ (although I sure couldn’t see it at the time!)

When I began to recognize how my own thoughts and beliefs were impacting my results, the energy around my practice (and it’s well-being) began to shift.

Check out this week’s video. Learn how to recognize it when your own energy is split, and avoid any unconscious self-sabotage.

(This is SNEAKY stuff, y’all. 😝)

Slipping into a mindset where we’re sending really mixed signals to the Universe can happen faster than you think. (And yes. I really said that.)

So what made the biggest difference for me?

Having a supportive community to help me grow.

Creating accountability through trusted relationships is a perfect way to create sustainable growth and bring positive vibrations to your money mindset. If you (or you and a few of your  colleagues!) could use a structured space to facilitate this growth, I would love to have y’all join us in the Ideal Practice Community.

I can’t wait to watch you flourish, and I”m sending you ALL the positive vibes for the rest of this week.

Make it a good one!

P.S. Are you more comfortable with a 1:1 environment at first? No worries. I get that! Check out this link, and let’s get started with a Quick Start Consult.


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