There is Light (still).

While following news of the tragedy that happened in Newtown, Connecticut yesterday, I found myself at a loss for words, and overcome with sadness. Sometimes, there are no words to contain, or explain, the fullness of emotion that we all experience at such times.

And yet, I have lived long enough to know that even in the midst of the most difficult darkness, there is within the human spirit the unstoppable will to seek out light, to survive. Having seen it time and time again, I know that it is exactly when we feel that we simply cannot take One. More. Step…..

…that we somehow do. We grab hold of something – or someone — close by, and fight our way back to our feet. Drawing on resources we never knew we had, we somehow keep breathing, and somehow – stand.

And so often, it is within Community that we find our Courage, our strength. That may be a community of faith. It may be a community of family and friends. It may a community of music or art. Always at times like this, as during Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy, or during 9/11 and so many other difficult moments in our nation’s history….

It is Community that keeps us alive.

So with prayers for the families of Newtown, Connecticut, and all the others who struggle with loss on this day, I’ve spent time today seeking out joy, and found this.

Perhaps it will bring light to you as well.

 Click here, for (a little) Joy

 Thank you for being a part of my Community.

And for allowing me to be a part of yours.

Wishing you peace.



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