So How Do I Know If I Should Go?

Here we go!

It’s August, and time to get started on our second season of super surprises

I’ve been planning some TERRIFIC trips, and I’ve got some Big News to share soon.

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What are we gonna do, Wendy?

I’ve got so many treats in store for you this year I can barely stand it.

We’ll visit funky places that will AMAZE and amuse you.

We’ll explore beautiful sites that really ARE off the beaten path.

We’ll sample new skills and EXPERIENCES that women rarely if EVER have a chance to try.

Some trips will be outdoors, some won’t.

Some trips will be physical, some won’t.

We’ll spend everything from a few hours to a few days together, finding our strengths and claiming our courage.

Sometimes we’ll just hang out and enjoy each others’ (courageous) company.

Of course, for the most part, I can’t tell you EXACTLY what we’ll be doing. Yet. (Because it is, after all, a secret.)  But I can tell you:

…it’s ALL good. :)

But How Do I Know if I Should Go?

First, a word of encouragement.

Sisters, I am a life-long traveler and a radical encourager. I have NEVER been an athlete. We’re NOT going to be climbing cliffs or doing things that would be better suited for a marathon runner.

My goal is NOT to prove anything about anyone’s physical prowess, because I’d lose that battle right off the bat!!!

My goal is simply to help you transform Courage to Confidence, by trying things you just never thought you’d do. No one said those things had to be exhausting.

Well, we did work up a sweat when we danced. :)

But I digress.

Some of my friends thought it might help if I gave you a code of sorts to measure our trips by. So, let’s try that. I’ll LABEL each trip as a Level 1, 2 or 3 Adventure, and you can use that as a starting place when trying to decide whether to jump in. Each Secret Adventure for Courageous Women will have this listed in its description.

And here’s what that will mean. More or less. ;)


These trips will be suitable for almost anyone, regardless of age or ability. If you have serious health or mobility problems, or just do better with shorter, lighter experiences, these are for you. The Chamber Orchestra Concert or the Mother-Daughter Tea Party we did in our first season were both examples of a Level One Adventure: sweet but simple fun. I’ll try to do one of these every few months.


These trips will suitable for most, and will usually involve at least moderate physical activity. To be comfortable on a Level Two Adventure, you need to be able to get up and down without assistance, to walk without difficulty at a moderate pace, possibly on uneven ground, and for at least a mile or so. You should probably be able to handle a few flights of stairs, or be able to bend, squat or sit on the ground. And you should be able to tolerate moderate aerobic activity. The moonlight hike or the flat water kayaking we did last season are both examples of a Level Two Adventure. MOST of our trips will be on this level.


There won’t be many of these (did I mention that I am not and have NEVER been an athlete?), but every now and then I’ll toss in a Level Three Adventure. These WILL be more physically challenging. To enjoy these, you should probably have the stamina to tolerate a good workout at the gym, or at least a good, fast walk around the block. You should be comfortable with using your muscles, bending and flexing, or getting your heart rate up for a while. One example of a Level Three trip was the contra-dancing that we did last year. It wasn’t hard to do technically, but it was a GREAT work out.

(Well, some might disagree with me about the technical part – but you get the idea. Whitewater rafting would be another example of a Level Three trip.)

Keep in mind, I’m ONLY using levels to describe the PHYSICAL aspect of our travels. Levels have nothing to do with how much fun they’ll be, or how comfortable you might — or might not — be with whatever we’re up to. :)

Fishing was easy in some ways, hard in others.

Dancing was hard in some ways, easy in others.

Make sense?

So – whatever you do, don’t skip a trip on that basis alone. CALL me if you have questions about whether any particular trip is right for you. I can help you figure that out.

And anyone who’s done that will tell you – if I don’t think a particular trip is right for you, I’ll SAY SO. Guaranteed.

So what do you think. Will that help?

Anything else I can do to make this easier (just not too easy) for you?




Photo Credit: By David Paul Ohmer on Flikr


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