MARK YOUR CALENDAR – because I’ve got a really special event planned for you this summer!
You’re going to be invited to my First Ever


I’ll provide more of the details later (click here for a sneak peak), but I wanted you to go ahead and get this on your calendar. I’ll be taking a small group of special women on a weekend adventure, the 4th weekend of June, and YOU should be one of them! (I’ve been saying the 3rd weekend, y’all, but that’s only because I can’t read a calendar – and because June tricked me by having 5 weekends!)

Among other things, I’ll teach you how to camp in comfort, and how to have a terrific time together in the woods with wonderful women friends. You know we’ll eat great food, share great stories, make great friends and new discoveries… And yes, of course, I’ll throw in a treat, a surprise or two along the way – because you know I love doing that. :-D

 But – I also want you there when I try my hand at an adventure of my own, something I’ve wanted to do for over 30 years. My birthday’s coming up the week after this, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to follow this dream, and share it with you.

 I’m going to fly. Off a mountain. Under a kite.

 I’m gonna try my hand at HANG GLIDING– and I’ve got an extra ticket that I’ll be giving away to a lucky one of you! Surprise! :)

For those of you who’d rather keep your feet solidly planted on the ground, no worries – because we’re still gonna need your support. Lots of it. :)

So – mark your calendars and stay tuned. I’ll be sharing more in the days ahead.

And how about you?

While I’m making my plans, what kinds of things would you like to do on a weekend like this? What kinds of things would you love to have to eat? What kinds of things would you like to LEARN?



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