Packages Can Transform Your Private Practice

Packages changed EVERYTHING.

A few years ago, I reached one of those moments when I knew something had to change. I was sick and tired of the frustrations, lost income and sheer hassle of dealing with insurance in my private practice – for about 1000 reasons.

And I’d just received a new contract in the mail where my rates were being cut – again. Enough was enough.

I tore up the contract, starting telling my clients that very day that I would be making some changes, and I went to work. I had to figure out what those changes would look like.

One of the biggest things I did, was to begin offering packages.

In today’s video, you’ll learn the basics as we talk about the 3 different types of packages you might use and some of the tricky things you need to watch out for as you create them. I’ll also share some examples of really creative ways people are using these to fit their Ideal Practice, and how you could do the same.

Click the video above to learn more. And I’d love it if you shared any questions, aha’s, or ideas you have in the comments below.



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