On Building a (Courageous Woman’s) Life: A New Series

It’s April!!

THIS is my very favorite time of the year. Even though it’s been a rainy week, THIS is the month where bright new green begins to move up the mountain, where song birds return in style after their winter break, where color spills across the landscape with power and clarity.

There’s nothing hesitant about April in East Tennessee.

The Earth wakes up with an absolute shout of sheer joy.

Good Morning! I’m back! And just LOOK what I have to show you!”

This is the month when the Earth rebuilds herself, resurrects herself, where new life is literally everywhere we look. And we, Courageous Women, should follow her lead. We, too, must be about the business of resurrecting our (tired, winter-worn) selves and renewing our dusty, stale lives.

And you are SO ready to do this. :)

This is a POWERFUL and common theme among my coaching clients. Sometimes they know exactly what needs to change, exactly where they want to go; they’re just not sure how to get there.

More often, they just have this restless sense that there has to be Something More, that life has become a little too routine, a little too small, a little too predictable.

They want to Spread out, Move out, Branch out, Reach out. But how? How in the world do you do that? And where do you start?

Far too many of you have spent every waking moment FOR YEARS caring for someone else, living for someone else. When I ask, “what do YOU want?”, you’re at a complete loss for words.

Because no one’s ever asked you that before.

So over the next few weeks, we’re going to talk about Building a (Courageous Woman’s) Life. We’ll explore ways to nurture our Spirits, and discover the world outside our neighborhood. We’ll talk about creating space that feeds us at home to creating relationships that feed us in our community.

Because this is what we’re about at Courage-to-Confidence, and this is what we practice during Secret Adventures for Courageous Women.

Already THIS year, I’ve watched Courageous Women find their voice at work, claim their space in a house full of others, and push back hard against the winter blues.

Already THIS year I’ve seen women discover strength in the midst of illness, launch successful businesses in the face of (what felt like) failure. Turn Fear into Fierce.

Nothing gets better by wishing. Positive ENERGY must be followed by positive ACTION. And Courageous Women don’t wait for life to find them. They are full out working to CREATE the life they want.

So, while I’m putting this together, tell me what you’d most like to hear. Where do you need help the most? Where do you want to start in building YOUR life?

Ask for what you need, and I’ll answer your questions over the coming weeks.

Let’s Learn. And Create. And Build a Life. Together.

Shall we? :)



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