New Secret Adventures Announced. Join us!

My goodness! Is it November already??!

WHAT a month October has been! I’ve been on the road, it seems, for weeks on end, traveling all over the South for all kinds of reasons, both personal and professional, and it’s all been good.
But that last weekend in Virginia Beach, where I joined Michelle Pippin
and Women Who Wow, walking on the beach as Hurricane Sandy blew into town, was undoubtedly the most dramatic ending to a dramatic month I could have envisioned.

It’s the time of year when winds of change are in the air, and at Secret Adventures for Courageous Women. I am really happy to be back home. And I am super excited to be sharing some news with you!

Starting today, I’m going to make it easier than ever for you to plan ahead, to be prepared, to pack your bags for adventure in advance. No more procrastinating. No more last minute surprises – well – except for the good kind, we hope. :)
Starting today, I’m going to MAKE it POSSIBLE
for you to KNOW what we’re doing for the next THREE months,

and for those who want it, you’ll be able to go ahead and
Claim Your Seat now for the trip of your choice.
You’ll be able to get a Head Start on transforming
You’ve been asking for it.

“What are you doing next? Can I go ahead and sign up now for next month? How about the month after that? I can’t do this one but I can do the next one!”

Starting today, YES. You can! :)
I am opening up registration TODAY for everything we’ve got in store for you over the next three months. Look these over. Check your calendar. Get YOUR name on the list. COME.
Because the Courageous Women’s Community is growing.
And YOU are a CRITICAL part of it.     


(And a special shout out here to all of you who are joining us for the first time
 from Kimberly-Clark, and from Women Who WowWELCOME!)

 But here’s a WARNING. This will be a long post!  Be sure to scan ALLLLLLLL the way down to see the next 3 months’ worth of activity. Because you DON’T want to miss any of it! Ready? Here we go, starting with all the details about next week.   


#1. (Next Saturday) NOVEMBER 10, 2012:



I’ve been telling you to mark your calendars for this one. :) Next week, I’ve got something in mind that is SO special and SO much fun that you won’t believe it. Many of you have actually ASKED for this in the past, although I’ll bet you don’t remember talking to me about it. :) 

I took a scouting trip to check it out yesterday, and I think it’s going to be a HOOT.

We’ll be doing something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from ANY thing we’ve done before, and You. Will. LOVE it.

And no, THIS one WON’T be a PHYSICAL challenge (It’s a Level One) but that DOESN’T mean it’ll be easy. Far from it. ;)

(Oh, and if you need a little more info on what that means, click here.)

We WILL be challenged.
And (I suspect) we WILL laugh together.
Alot. :)   

We’ll be spending a lovely EVENING together, and on a Saturday night at that! Hey – who says we have to sit HOME and watch TV? Huh? Life is better than that, especially when you share it with Courageous Sisters.

So no, of course I can’t tell you what we’re doing, but I CAN tell you that we will have fun, that we’ll try something that’s brand new to most (IF NOT ALL) of us, and that we’ll enjoy our time together. You’ll forget about work, about bills and about all those other things that wear you down day to day.

For just a few hours, you’ll be completely FREE, and enjoying every minute, discovering that you can do something you never thought you could do. I’m 100% SURE of it!

And you’ll go home with a Big Time treat. :)) 
There IS a limit. I can take NINE this time around.
Nine Courageous Sisters on a Saturday Night.
That sounds like a song, doesn’t it?     

This trip will be held RAIN or SHINE, and there are little or no physical barriers. UNLESS you have any serious allergies. If you do, tell me about that so I can make sure this will work for you.

(And for those hardy I-can-do-anything-outdoor types out there, I’m just gonna say it. You should join us – EVEN for this. Maybe even ESPECIALLY for this.)

Of course, always, if you have ANY concerns about your health or ability to participate, contact me off line and let’s talk. I will always be ready to help you determine if this experience is right for you.  

So here’s the SCOOP. 

WHO: You. NINE (9) of you, to be exact.

: Next SATURDAY, November 10, 5:00 PM to roughly 9:00 PM including travel time and talkin’ time. :) 

: I’m not tellin’. That’s the secret!!

: $69 for one, or just $119 for two if you REGISTER (and pay) with a friend.   NOTE: This trip will be ESPECIALLY great for Sisters (by Choice or by Birth), Best Friends and other Faves.

FOR WHAT: All necessary staffing, equipment and supplies, above-average snacks, and a Super-de-Duper take-home Treat.

And again, because I am absolutely POSITIVE that you’ll love what we’re doing, I’m throwing in my special guarantee. I’m making you a:
If you don’t have a TERRIFIC time,  
if you don’t come home PROUD of yourself,  
TICKLED to DEATH with what you’ve done, 
and an oh-so-glad-that-you-went kind of feeling,  
I’ll give you your money back.  
No Questions Asked.  
I’m THAT sure. :) 


AND now, here’s what’s NEXT!  


#2. DECEMBER 2, 2012, 4 – 8 PM

A Courage to Confidence Celebration 

It’s been a big year, hasn’t it? I’ve seen soooo many of you make GREAT strides, show TREMENDOUS courage, experience HUGE growth. And all of that is on TOP of all the fun we’ve had.

So we need to celebrate, and the very best way to do that, is to share some time around a campfire, right here in God’s Country, East Tennessee. :)

There’s NO CHARGE for this. This is my holiday GIFT to you, because I am so very proud of you, of all my Courageous Sisters. Know a woman who could use a Courage Boost? BRING HER too. This is for all of us. 

I’ll give you the details (location, directions, etc.) later, but register NOW to come by clicking on the button below, so I’ll know you’re coming.

And, yes, I’ll have a special surprise THERE for you too. :)) 


3. FRIDAY, JAN. 25 at NOON
through SUNDAY, Jan. 27, 2013 at 1:00 PM 

Not-So-Secret WEEKEND Adventure
for Courageous Women

THIS is going to be special – our next weekend adventure. For those of you who are new to our community, ask someone who joined us back in June what our weekend trips are like. They’ll tell you how much fun we have when we spend an entire weekend together.

We’re not camping this time, though!

Instead, we’ll be spending a cozy weekend away in a beautiful (and I mean BEAUTIFUL) cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains, complete with all the goodies you’d expect, and some pretty exciting options for how we spend our time.  Think SNOW. :)

The inimitable Ms. Potter (my friend/assistant Carolyn) and I are going to go visit a couple of sites next week before I’m QUITE ready to have you sign up for this. But stay tuned. I’ll have THAT registration ready for you SOON.

Can’t wait? Me neither. :))

SO – there you have it.

NOVEMBER 10, 5-9 p.m. –
a Super-de-Duper Treat.

DECEMBER 2, 4-8 p.m. –
bon-FIRED UP C2C Celebration

JANUARY  25-27, 2013 –
Not-So-Secret WEEKEND Adventure for Courageous Women 

for next week, okay? So….

Send me a text: 865-207-4305.  Or an email: [email protected] 
Write a post or message on my Facebook page.


But get your name on the list, now.  

And let’s GO somewhere. 

DO something.




 Photo Credit: By Zach Dischner

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