Live the Way You Want to Live. Serve the Way You Want to Serve

You are in the middle of your own Becoming, with new ideas, new challenges, and new learnings happening every day.

And I want to help. So each day this month, I’m offering you 4 gifts: 1 image, 1 quote, 1 idea, and 1 thing you might want to try.

Here is your 11:11 for today.



The only person you are destined to become
is the person you decide to be.
―Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882) American essayist, philosopher & poet


Once, while talking to a potential coaching client in a crowded room full of brilliant, entrepreneurial women, I got overwhelmed and had to leave the room. Quickly.

Without warning, I’d suddenly gotten a glimpse of what was possible in my own life. Though I often struggled with self doubt (perhaps you can relate), I realized in that conversation that I really did have something to offer. I really could make a difference for others. I really did know what I was doing.

You’d think that would be a good thing. Right? Instead, I went outside and completely and totally lost it.

It is not our limits that scare us.
It is our possibilities.
It isn’t what we can’t do that blows our mind.
It’s what we can.


Remember this.

You don’t owe anyone, anything. You are the one writing the story of your life. You are the one who decides what you do, how you show up, and who you want to become. You are the one who decides how hard to try, how far to go, and when to change course.

And you have the right, always, to change your mind.
Or not.

We entrepreneurs can look a little crazy sometimes to our family and friends, because this life is not the life for everyone.

But it’s your life.

Quit asking for permission, or approval. Live the way you want to live. Work the way you want to work. Serve the way you want to serve.

And be well,


P.S. Energy requires action. And action creates energy.


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