How to get yourself to do what (you think) you cannot do.

Oh my gosh – now what do you do?

Now that you’ve made that decision.

Now that you’ve declared your Intent to the Universe.

And more importantly — to yourself…

Now what do you do?

It’s a little scary to think about, isn’t it?

A few weeks ago, I posted my first video ever – and that was a BIG step for me. Just making the dang decision that I was by-golly-it’s-now-or-never-gonna-do-this-thing was hard enough.

But following through on that decision was another step entirely.

And I’m worried that you may be in that exact same place right now.

Several of you wrote to say that you loved that video so much that you were – in fact – inspired. (Thank you!)

You were inspired to make a decision about something that was holding you back. You were ready to move forward in a significant way – and finally knew what you wanted to do.

That was cool. Way cool.   

And yes, it feels GREAT, doesn’t it? I always feel as if everything is a little lighter once I reach that point.

But that’s just the first step, y’all.

And if you stop there, you’ll never get the results that you really want to get.  

Because it’s one thing to make a decision about something that is totally in your head, something that no one even knows about, but you.

It’s something else to put that decision out into the world in a way that makes it REAL.

So I’m going to show you exactly what to do next.

Watch this little 5 minute video and learn how to turn your decision into reality. Learn the one step you need that will give you the strength to actually follow this thing through.

Oh – and I’ve got a little challenge for you at the end, so you know I’ll want to hear your response in the comments below.

Let’s keep your momentum going…

Because your future is waiting.


P.S. I promised you a link to the story I mentioned at the start. Here it is. Enjoy!

Film Credit: Wendy Pitts Reeves


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