How to Clarify Your BIG IDEA for 2022

Hey there!

I absolutely LOVE this time of year. Not only is it filled with good food, good times with family and friends, and lots of awesome music. It’s also the time of year when we entrepreneurs start getting serious about what we want to implement in the coming year.

So as my partner and I have been working our way through a 1000 piece puzzle (just one of the things I like to do over the Christmas holidays), my mind has been full with plans of my own.

Are you doing that too? If so, this should help. As we do each week, you’ll find here one video, one quote, one idea, and one thing you might want to try.

Here’s your 11:11 for today.


If you are anything like my entrepreneurial friends, you’re probably feeling a sense of excitement as we head into the New Year. Have you been thinking about what your want to do in your practice over the next twelve months?  I mean - yes, we’re still living with difficult times. Covid is still messing with us.

But we entrepreneurs are an optimistic group, and we’ve always got ideas about the future; often, a lot of them.

So - is there something cool, amazing

or even kinda gutsy

that you’ve got planned this year?

If so, you’ll love the process I’m laying out for you in today’s video (and the free download too!)



Don't be a passenger in your own life.”
- Kevin Darné


Often, when my clients are thinking about trying something new, taking on a major project, or stepping outside their own comfort zone in a significant way, warnings will pop up in their heads.

Suddenly, all the reasons why they must be crazy to even think about trying this new idea become painfully obvious. Their self talk gets pretty negative, and fear starts knocking at their door.

In fact, the closer they get to actually taking steps to implement their idea, the louder those negative thoughts tend to be. They find themselves playing with worst-case scenarios, and trying to think about how they would handle it if THIS happens or THAT.

But what if you went at this in a completely different way?

What if you approached your Big Idea as if your success was guaranteed?

How would that impact your approach???


In the free tool that I’ve included with today’s video, The Big Idea Clarifier, you’re invited to describe your idea in some details, so that you can get clear about where you’re headed.

Try this. As you play with the possibilities around whatever it is that you want to do in your practice this year, take some time to write a description of the BEST case scenario.

If this so-called crazy idea you have went even better than you ever dared dream, what would that look like?

And what would happen in your life - and the lives of your clients - as a result?

That’s the vision you want to tap into, wrap your arms around, and give life to.

I’m cheering for you!  

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