How Do Your Clients Feel About Their Work with You?

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People don’t buy because what you do is awesome. People buy because it makes them feel awesome.
―Tara McMullin, Host of the "What Works" Podcast


Recently, I was contacted by someone who wanted to learn more about the private coaching I do with women entrepreneurs. We met when I spoke on a panel a few months ago, and I knew she had a business idea she wanted to try.

When we got on the call, she mentioned that she'd been working with a coach for the past three months, but that it wasn't going well. "I actually feel worse every time I get off a call with her," she explained.

Uh oh. That didn't sound right.

Was it possible that she just wasn't doing well, and the coach was trying to push her a little bit? If so, perhaps it was just a bit of miscommunication.

I asked her to tell me more about what she'd been learning, and what steps she'd taken to get her business off the ground.

Turns out, she'd done a lot. In fact, seemed to me she'd taken some pretty brave steps, like posting Facebook Lives (which takes a ton of courage) and mapping out a premium offer.

I felt like she had a lot to be proud of - but apparently, that wasn't the message she was receiving, or the feeling she was having. Whether that was about the coach's style - or not - I had no way of knowing, but it really didn't matter.

How she felt is what mattered.

When a potential client reaches out to you, they don't really want to know about the tools you use, the certification you have or the letters after your name.

They want to know if you can help them feel better.

(And if they are honest, most of them don't think anyone can, really.)

Can you help them fix what feels broken or get past their fear? Learn how to talk to their spouse - or their teen? Get clear on their career? Start a business? Take actual steps forward on a life long dream?

I don't always have the answers my clients need. But they know I love them (they tell me so), they know that I'm going to challenge them, and they know I believe in them.

If I do my job right, they'll eventually start to believe in themselves.

And that feels good, for both of us. :)


If you're a healer, it may be true that sometimes people have to feel worse before they feel better (and no one wants to hear that.)

But it is also true that if you are working with clients you are meant to serve, something should get better. There should be a point on the other side of the muck where things start looking up.

Look at your current case load. Do a little tally in your head. What would most of your clients say they feel, because they work with you?

Even if things are still hard or progress is at a crawl, do they feel cared for? Guided in the right direction?


If so, what is it that's working?
And if not, what needs to change?

Let me know what you figure out.

And be well,

P.S. Some of our clients make more progress than others, and the reasons behind that are complex. So - if they're not where you want them to be - I don't want you to use this exercise as an excuse to beat yourself up. Far from it. I just want you to ask the question, 'how do my clients feel when they work with me?" and learn good things from that.


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