Don’t Settle. Go After What You Really Want

No matter what’s going on in the world around us, we still create our own reality, and build the life we want to live.

So, even though it’s a little late today, I’m offering you 4 daily gifts for the month of April that could help you create that life. Here is 1 image, 1 quote, 1 idea, and 1 thing you might want to try, your 11:11 for today.



Stay hungry. Stay foolish.
― Steve Jobs (1955-2011) Co-founder, Apple,Inc.


Don’t settle.

The car you’re embarrassed to drive but is paid for. The clothes that are ok but uncomfortable to wear. The job you don’t love, but pays well. The desk chair that won’t turn any more. The relationship you keep saying is ‘fine’ when it really isn’t. It’s so easy to settle for less than what you really, really want.

Whatever it is in life that matters to you, matters. You deserve to be happy. Raise your standards. Be picky. Be pushy. Be better.

Life is just too short to life with less than what you really love.

Don’t settle. Go after what you really want.


Right now, before you change your mind and before you move on to whatever is next on your to-do list today, grab a sheet of paper. Write the numbers 1-10 down the left hand side.

Next to each number, write one thing you tolerate in your life: large or small.

Is it a lamp that’s broken? A missing button? An outstanding invoice someone owes you? An business model that doesn’t really suit you any more?

Choose the number one thing on that list. Make a plan for how you’re going to fix, get rid of, change, resolve or improve that one thing. What is the very first step you could take?

Then take imperfect action, and get the ball moving. Odds are good that you’ll experience an instant shift in your energy – and something good will happen, sooner than you think.

Much love,

P.S. Energy requires action. And action creates energy.


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