Breathe, Trust, Let Go. And See What Happens

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“You don’t always need a plan.
Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go,
and see what happens.”
― Mandy Hale, American author


It’s easy in times of uncertainty to feel like we have to do something, any thing, to make that uncertainty go away. The pressure can be enormous to create a new program, launch a new course, find the magic that will keep the clients (and the cash) coming.

And do it fast.

I myself have felt some of that. Just in the past few days, I’ve watched a ton of online trainings, listened to inspirational speakers, talked to my coach and mastermind friends, and covered my white board with ideas upon ideas.

And yet….

Even as I’ve done that, I’ve felt the call to go within, to get quiet. There’s a part of me that knows I need to sit with this sense of uncertainty and see what it brings to me. Often, in my experience, it is EXACTLY at a time like this when some of the best ideas break through, or a completely new path emerges that we couldn’t even see before.

I know it’s uncomfortable…. but why don’t you join me? Before we jump headlong into action – any action, just so we’ll feel better – let’s stop for a moment. Let’s sit with the uncertainty and listen to our own internal voice.

What are we being called to be – now?


Over the past few weeks, I’ve recommitted to my daily mediation practice. Sitting quietly for 20 minutes, hands lose in my lap, back straight, breathing and being, I let the silence in, and wait to see what comes with it.

Why don’t you try your version of this? If 5 minutes is all you can do, then do 5 minutes. But explore the silence. Sit with the uncertainty.


And be well,

P.S. My favorite free app for mediation is called Insight Timer, but all I use it for is to set up the ringing of 3 bells that signal when my time starts and stops. Check it out.


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