All Shall Be Well, and All Manner of Things Shall Be Well

Hey there Friend,

We’re living in strange times, which offer up ample opportunity for reflection. For entrepreneurs, it’s more important than ever that we stay connected to what matters most, in our business, and in our lives.

So I thought I’d try something new. Sharing with you an image, a quote, an idea, and an action you might want to try; that is, your 11:11 for the day.



All shall be well, and all shall be well,
and all manner of things shall be well.

― Julian of Norwich (circa 1342-1416), an important English mystic in the 14th century

When it feels like everyone around you has gone a little crazy, and nothing is as it was, we can all feel a little lost. I’ve personally never experienced an earthquake, but I imagine this must be what that feels like, as if the earth has shifted a little under our feet.

And the earth isn’t supposed to move.

So it helps me to notice the things that haven’t changed. The daffodils that are still popping up in yards and along the streets of my city warm my heart. When I drove over the mountains a few days ago, the redbuds were out in full bloom, and the new green of spring was working its way up the hills. I find comfort in that.

What you can do…

Look around you. What are the constants you can still count on? Is something blooming in your yard? Do your children still laugh when they’re tickled? Are your clients still turning to you for help?

What is still constant in your life?

I’d love to hear.

Be well,


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