Episode 86. How to Embody Your Authentic Power: A Rich Conversation with Sara Arey

Sara Arey is a master at helping women entrepreneurs release internal energy blocks and step into their true authentic power.

But unlike many who teach about releasing limiting beliefs and money mindset blocks, Sara tells us that we have to work with the body - not just the mind, not just the heart - to tap into who we really are.

And find out what we’re really capable of.

In this week’s episode, and this oh-so-rich conversation, you’ll discover how to embrace your own natural leadership energy and live a life of sweet abundance.

And you’ll get some truly simple, but powerful tips for how to shift your own energy and tap into your own inner wisdom in really beautiful ways.

What awesomeness already exists within you, just waiting for you to find it?
Don't be afraid to find out.

Give this a listen. I think you'll love it.

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Sara Arey, a best-selling author, speaker, and energy mentor, specializes in guiding women who feel stuck and unsatisfied to unlock their inner wisdom and create their most rewarding life. Her passion lies in helping clients claim their power, own their awesomeness, and be the leader of themselves. She combines her intuition and expertise with practical techniques, aiding clients in getting out of their own way.





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