Episode 85. Shine Brighter: It's Time to Admit How Good You Are at What You Do

Limiting beliefs are tricky things.

And far too often, unseen cultural influences and societal norms hold us back from true success.

We are taught not to stand out, not to make others uncomfortable, not to admit that we’re good at what we do.

Don’t shine too bright! The world says.

Well I’m over that - or trying to be. :)

See - I’ve had my share of those moments too.

Now I’m pushing back.

I want you to shine brighter.

I will too.

Let’s talk. Listen to the episode.

P.S. At the end of today’s episode, I’ve shared a free worksheet that I usually reserve for the students in my mastermind. It will help you clarify your purpose - and own what makes you awesome too. Find the link below.



This exercise is from our first lesson in EVOLVE, the mastermind and group coaching program I offer once a year. Although I usually save this for my students, I think completing it will help you push back against any messages you’ve received telling you to play small.

Grab your copy of The Quick Purpose Clarifier here.



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