Episode 75. Virtual Assistants: What They Do, How They Help, and Why You Should Hire One

Struggling with productivity? Tangled up in tech?

What if you didn’t have to handle it all by yourself?

Learn how a Virtual Assistant can help streamline your operations and free up time for you to focus on where you can do the most good: serving your clients.

Queenie Verhoeven has been a treasured member of my team for several years now: I could not imagine running my business without her. A proactive virtual assistant and now, strategic Project Integrator, she has a way of making things just work.

And that makes my life so much easier. 💗

Join us as we explore what a VA is (and is not!) and how the right one on your team can catapult your success. 

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • What a virtual assistant is, and is not.
  • The difference between hiring a VA and hiring an employee.
  • Types of roles a VA can fill, and how they can contribute to your success.
  • How to know what to hire for first.

And more.


P.S. What was most helpful to you in this episode? What else would you like to know about working with VAs?


TODAY’S GUEST:  QUEENIE VERHOEVEN, Founder of Your Business Ally

Queenie Verhoeven is a Proactive Virtual Assistant. She is a highly skilled and experienced VA specializing in administrative, marketing, and tech support. With over 15 years of experience serving small business owners and entrepreneurs, she isn't just a virtual assistant to her clients but a trusted partner on their path to success.

What she offers goes beyond her areas of expertise. She provides freedom from overwhelm - the freedom from those mundane yet crucial tasks that can drain your time and energy. Whether it's managing your administrative duties, implementing effective marketing strategies, or providing tech support to streamline your operations, Queenie ensures that you can focus on what truly matters - growing your business.

You can find her online at www.YourBusinessAlly.com.



What is the one thing you spend way too much time on each week in your business? If you could hand that off to a trusted team member, how would that help your business grow?



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