Episode 68. Avoiding Money Talks with Clients is a Mistake. Here’s Why.

Like it or not, money is part of every relationship you have with your clients, and how you think about that and manage that is important.

But if you're torn up inside about that fact, well - you are not alone. In fact, I think most of us struggle about this in one way or another.

But what if we change that?

What if we thought about money, and its place in our work, in a whole new way?

Rather than fight its presence, why don’t we acknowledge it, embrace it, and learn how to work with it?

That’s the beginning of what it means to create a practice that is profit centered, but people forward.

And that’s what I want to explore in this week’s podcast.

We've got a shorter show for you today. Let me know what you think about it.

To your success,

P.S. “Okay Wendy - So you’ve got me thinking…."

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