Two Super Easy, Helpful Ways I Use Evernote Every Day

“I don’t know if you’ll remember me or not…”, she said,

…“but I called you several months ago, and you were really helpful.”

Actually,  I did remember – in detail.

I remembered exactly when she called, and how long it took me to call her back. I remembered what she needed, and the resources I’d given her when we talked.

I remembered it all because I had a record of the entire thing – in Evernote.


Evernote is a cloud-based information management tool that you can set up to to sync with all of your devices. Make a note on your phone, and it’ll be there on your laptop too.

It can be many things to different people. In fact, if you explore their site in depth, you could get overwhelmed just by what is POSSIBLE with this amazingly useful digital tool.

On the other hand, even at the still-free Basic level, there are simple ways you can use it to make your life easier right now. (And I’ll show you how.)

Evernote is easy to learn, because it has only three levels of organization: Notes, Notebooks and Stacks.

  • You start with a “Note”, on anything you want.
  • If you have several notes on one subject, you can group those into “Notebooks”.
  • If you have several notebooks about one thing, you can group THOSE into “Stacks”.


I use Evernote as a catch-all for any ideas or information I want to capture or keep. That includes anything from favorite recipes to car maintenance logs. I grab screen shots of websites I like, and keep a list of books to read.

It’s been a GREAT place for business brainstorming.

But there are two key ways I use it every day.

The first is Client Care.

I create a running “Note” for each client to track all of our work together: calls we’ve had (or missed), issues to address, their goals and homework.

Over time, this becomes an incredibly helpful history. I can easily review everyone’s progress, see where they’re getting stuck, or successes they might have forgotten.

The second is for a “DRE”, that is, a “Daily Record of Events”.

This is a “Note” I create each month, modeled after the “DRE” I once used in a FranklinCovey planner. I keep this open on my desktop during work hours, and use it every time I check voicemail or make a call.

Inside each note, I list the days of the month. Under each of those, I keep a running list of all of my calls (and sometimes, general to-do’s).

Click here for an example of what that looks like after the first week of the month. (More about that below.)

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The Right Way to Craft an Elevator Speech

“Nice to meet you! So, what do you do?”

Good question!, you say to yourself.

It’s the standard opening line at every Chamber mixer, every professional conference, every networking luncheon you ever go to. Comes up pretty often at Little League games, neighborhood barbecues, and hair salons too.

In fact, it comes up so often that you’d think we’d know how to answer it, wouldn’t you? But if you’re an entrepreneur, the answer to that simple question may not be so simple.

Do you give an essay when someone asks what you do? Or do you oss off a label, like “attorney.” or “coach”?

I’m always tempted to say, “Well, TODAY I’m…” because who I am and “what I do” is a ever evolving thing.:)

Yet, knowing how to answer that question – and answer it well – is golden for you. It’s can create an open door, an invitation that could set the stage for good things down the road.    

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How to Raise Your Prices (So Your Clients Will Thank You!)

how-to-raise-your-prices“You don’t have to do that, Wendy…”

“You don’t have to send us your discounted rates; just send in what you actually charge,” he said with a smile.

He was the head of a group that processed claims for my still-new counseling practice. “Those are my actual rates, “ I replied, blushing.

Apparently, they were a little low.

Today, I see that same thing with my coaching clients; outstanding professionals whose prices don’t begin to reflect the value of their service. But when I encourage them to raise their rates, they’ll argue with me. :)

Why is this so hard?

It usually comes down to two main fears.

The first is that if we raise our rates, our clients will leave, and our business will die. Yikes. The second is that we’re being sinful, selfish or greedy. Usually, both of these are underneath that resistance.

One of my clients, an amazing energy healer who had more business than she could handle, and nothing but 5-star reviews, became almost sick at the thought. It took a LOT of coaching to get her through that!

Is it time to raise your prices too?

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