[VIDEO] Key Warning Signs That You’re In Too Deep (and What to Do About It When You Are)

Sometimes, you just might care a little too much.

It’s hard to imagine that’s even possible, but it is.

Because running a business is a deeply personal thing to do. (Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.) And you’ll care – a lot.

You’ll care about your income and your success. You’ll care about your clients and customers, about the quality of your work and how it’s received. You’ll care about all of it – and you’ll care way more than anyone else involved, because it’s yours

As you should!

But there will be times, because you are emotionally involved, that something’s going to get under your skin. And when it does, you need to be careful.

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How to Talk About What You Do

Women Networking“So, what kind of work do you do?”, she asked…

…carefully balancing her coffee in one hand while digging out her business card with the other.

I was at a typical small business networking meeting.

You know the type.

You meet in some clean industrialized space full of neutral tones with carefully chosen abstract art on the wall.

Like being invited to the wrong birthday party, you stand around trying to figure out who the heck these people are and wondering why you’re even here. Sigh.

If it helps any, everyone else is as uncomfortable as you are. Maybe even more so. :)

But you’re not here because of what you do. You’re not here because you’re an event planner or psychotherapist or an insurance broker. Continue reading

How to Stop Throwing Away Money in Your Business

Playing for money...

She was losing thousands of dollars each month.


As a therapist, she cared deeply about helping those in pain. Her practice was filled with people who suffered from major depression and other mental health issues. She was totally committed to helping them heal.

And the last thing she ever wanted to do was add to the pressure they already felt. So if they didn’t feel like coming in sometimes, she understood.

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that! Take care of yourself, and I’ll see you next time then.”

She did have a cancellation policy in place. According to the agreement her clients signed, they would pay full fee for any appointments not cancelled 24 hours in advance.

Only, she never actually enforced that policy. And by the time she got to me, over half of her appointments in any given month were no-shows.
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5 Secrets to Growing a Successful Business


Her enthusiasm was humbling.

“Thanks Wendy Pitts Reeves, you are a dynamite coach! Your module on creating packages is stellar!” 

One of my clients posted this online after working through a training module in my coaching program, The Courage Academy.

When I talked to her about it later, she was still excited. “Seriously, Wendy, this is the bomb. I can’t tell you how helpful it is….”

And it was affirming to hear that. Because if I’m not any good at what I do, it doesn’t matter much what the rest of my business looks like, does it?

There are five secrets to growing a successful business of any kind, any size. You may not have all five at the start, but you’ll need them all as you grow.

And the first one is the most important of all. Continue reading

When You Love Your Business, You’ll Love Your Self (Finally!)

love-your-businessRunning your own business changes you.

No one tells you that, but it’s true.

Because unless your business is just a hobby – it will impact every area of your life. It will be wonderful. And awful. And wonderful again.

And if you stay with it long enough, it will change your life.

In the beginning, of course, it’s just fun. I still remember how excited I was when starting my practice back in the day. I couldn’t answer a referral call fast enough!

Yes I was taking clients! Yes, of course, I’d be glad to see you! It didn’t matter what you needed or if I could really help or even if you could pay.

Can you come on Tuesday? :)

But eventually, you’ll run into some kind of wall, and the growth begins. Continue reading