How Tiny Steps Lead to Big Courage

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“I may need an extra call next week…”

It was time to tell her team about major changes she was making in the business, and she knew that meant having some tough conversations.

She was ready. We’d worked on this transition for months. But she was nervous, and not without reason.

But courage comes when you do the things you think you can not do.

And that means being who you really are…

…even when who you really are right now might make others a little uncomfortable.

Sometimes, a lot uncomfortable. 

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Keeping Up with a Weekly Blog: A Behind the Scenes Look

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Keeping commitments can be tough.

I know this – as someone who tends to stick it out even when I shouldn’t.

And yet, our ability to make, and keep, our commitments is often what pulls us through the mud and the muck that being successful requires.

It’s that determination to just keep going that’s made it possible for me to build things I’m proud of, make it through a crisis, and heck, to grow and evolve as a business owner.

And a few years back, I made a commitment to you that we should celebrate.  

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21 Healthy Money Habits for Entrepreneurs

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I made myself go to yoga this week.

It wasn’t easy. I took a bad fall in the rain on a hike the week before, and had been hobbling around with a painful pulled muscle. I wasn’t at all sure what I’d actually be able to do.

But I’ve only been going for a few months. And as bad as I am at it (the whole thing feels like a game of Twister to me) I can tell it helps.

And I have to take care of myself, or I’ll never be able to keep up with my business – so I didn’t want to lose this new self-care ‘habit’.

Habits are the backbone of any business. Once established, they will keep you sane when things go crazy, and support you when your business grows and overwhelm threatens.

You need habits in every area of your business, but one of the most important is your money. So in no particular order, here’s a list of money habits worth cultivating for real financial success.  Continue reading

How to Build a Strong Mastermind Group

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“Life is not a solo act.”
– Tim Gunn

And neither is running a business.

In fact, to run a successful business, you’re going to need help – and a lot of it.

We’ve talked before about the importance of building your team  to support the operations side of business. But it’s perhaps even more important to make sure you have support for yourself.

And one of the best ways to get that is through a mastermind group. 

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7 Steps to a (Clear, Easy, Effective) Sales Process

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Ordering a meal – in Asheville – is exhausting.

As a cultural hub for all things alternative, the restaurants there are particularly creative, and getting through the ordering process is an experience.

Would you prefer soy or almond milk? Gluten free? Vegan or vegetarian? You want beef? Of course. We serve local, grass-fed beef, with organic veggies on the side. How about a craft beer with that?

Oh my gosh, I think. Maybe I should just grab a granola bar….

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