The Quickest Way to Calm When You Feel Like Freaking Out

That queasy, jittery feeling that suddenly shows up somewhere in your body.

It may be a tinging in your head and neck, damp palms, or a queasy stomach. It may be a kind of restlessness that is so intense you can’t sit still – even for a moment.

And we call it all kinds of things.

A belly full of butterflies.
A bad case of nerves.
Getting the heebie-jeebies.

Whatever you call it, you really FEEL it.

Because the body is where Fear shows up first.

And that means that when we’re being called up and out into something greater in our lives, our bodies will know it before we do. :)

It’s called the Fight or Flight Syndrome.

And yes, I know you’ve heard that before.

But I want you to understand what’s really happening when this kicks in, and why ONE simple technique can bring you back to calm.

It starts with a physical chain reaction.

With any perceived threat or danger, your body responds with an entire chain reaction of events, each step designed to help you fight like crazy — or run for your life.

Literally. :)

And your cells won’t know if the danger is physical (Yikes! It’s a shark!) or psychological (What if the audience hates me?).

So the same thing happens either way.

And it happens in the blink of an eye. 

1. Your breathing speeds up, because muscles need more oxygen, and fast.

2. Key hormones flood your system, including adrenalin and cortisol to help produce blood sugar and glucose, the fast fuel your body needs.

3. Blood pressure builds so that your heart beats faster, pushing oxygen to important muscle groups.

4. As that blood is pushed out to your arms and legs (so you can climb a tree or throw a rock), digestion slows down or even stops. Got a stomach ache? Now you know why.

5. Your pupils dilate, peripheral vision fades and tunnel vision ( that is, your focus) sharpens.

6. Blood clotting increases and sensitivity to pain drops, just in case you’re hurt.

7. And here’s the biggie. Your brain switches over to automatic pilot. You have to act, and act now – so pure instinct kicks in. The ability to reason goes out the window, and it feels like you Just. Can’t. Think.

Because actually, in that moment, you can’t.

But here’s the magic.

Notice where the chain reaction starts?

It starts with your breathing.

So all you have to do, to reverse it,
is start with your breathing. :)

Try this.

Just for a moment, stop whatever you’re doing.
Right now. Right where you are.
Sit back in your chair if you can.
Feel your feet flat on the floor.

And take a deep breath.

In fact, take a nice, long slow inhale – and just hold it for a few seconds.

Now – release it. Slowly. Gently.  
All the way – until you have nothing left.

Try doing that at least 3 times, nice and easy, and see how you feel.

A little calmer? A little more centered?

As your breathing slows down, the hormone production will too. Your heart rate will slow. Digestion picks back up. Blood flow returns to normal.

And you can think again.

The coolest thing about this is that you can do it right in front of people and they’ll never even know. It’s like a secret tool, and it’s available to you at any time.

Getting ready to take a big step in your business? Or for that matter, in your life?

Feeling a little freaked out?

Well now you know what to do – and why.

Just breathe. :)



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