One Way to Close the Confidence Gap

Sometimes, I just can’t “fall back” far enough.

Today, those of us in the U.S. who observe Daylight Savings Time are “falling back” in time. We turned our clocks back an hour last night as we always do before heading into the winter. It’s delicious at first – giving us that illusion of an extra hour of sleep.

But for many of my clients, they could use a lot more than an extra hour of sleep.

In fact, last week, I heard the EXACT same thing, two days in a row, from two different clients – both business owners who are doing a ton to get their new practices off the ground.

Yet both of them were beating themselves up about all they hadn’t accomplished. “I just feel like I’m always behind….”


And lord knows I could relate. I’ll bet you can too.

And you’re right! As entrepreneurs, we can’t get it all done. In fact, we’ll never get it all done.

You are creative souls. You have big visions, big ideas, big plans. If you “got it all done” you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself, would you?

No, you wouldn’t. Because this creative, expansive journey that you are on is how you live; it’s who you are.

Knowing that, however, might not make you feel much better. :)

So in this little video I’ll give you one way to get a handle on that feeling, the one where you’re working like crazy but feel like you’re never making enough progress.

I’ll also share a little tool you can use that can help. After you watch the video, click here to download that tool. Use it to help you track your progress, and see how much you really are getting done.

Watch the video. Download the tool. Fill it in.




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