Maybe It’s Time to Add Something New to Your Marketing

I spent the whole day on the side of that cliff.


While volunteering with a juvenile justice program, I spent one day with a group of teens who were taught how to, and supported during, a big – scary – rappelling adventure.

They had to work their way carefully over the edge and straight down 135 feet on a smooth, sheer wall of rock.

My job was to capture the moment with my camera – as their fear turned to surprise, then delight. Then pride.

So I sat there for hours in a climbing harness, totally tied in, safe and very secure, feet dangling as I leaned out to take their photos on the way down.

It was incredible.

But not just because of the kids.

It was incredible because I could see the entire gorge: miles of dark green forest spread out below me, an occasional hawk soaring in deep blue skies above me, gray and white cliff lines winding their way beside me – and those amazing kids.

I could see it all.

It was fun, a little dangerous, beautiful – and transformative.

A lot like running a business. :)

Learning how to market your practice can feel a little like that; like you’re hanging out there on the edge, tied to the foundation of your business, hoping you know what you’re doing.

And watching as your clients and customers move from fear and worry to surprise and delight.

And even pride.

Truth be told – that feels pretty good too.

It doesn’t feel at all like “marketing”.

This is what happens when you are super clear about what you do, about the value you bring, and about the difference you make in the lives of your people.

And that’s what it means to market your work.

But it doesn’t have to be hard.

It can even be fun – especially if you add something new to the mix.

Here’s how.

Show your excitement.

Enthusiasm sells, and people want to work with (and buy from) those who make them feel good. If you are genuinely excited about the work that you do, let that show for Pete’s sake.

Tell the good stories about the work you’re doing and the difference you’re making – at the hair salon, over lunch with a friend, at the ball game.

Seriously. Talk about it.

Get creative.

Try running a 21 day Facebook challenge and make it easy and fun; shoot some funny videos that make a point; host a small event, like a thank-you social for your clients. Sponsor community events like walk/runs, school sports, or charity fundraisers.

Ask yourself what makes you “you”? How could you incorporate that into your marketing?

Hmmm…. Maybe I should put my logo on some climbing gear. ;)

Give back.

One way to feel good about marketing is to find meaningful ways to give something back.

Offer a surprise discount after every 10 people who buy a package. Donate to a charity for each new client you get. Invite customers to contribute to a scholarship fund for those who may not be able to afford your services.

I know a husband/wife team with a successful tax business. They’re good at what they do, and they stay busy. But they also donate time to help clients at a domestic violence shelter with their taxes, too.

How could giving be part of your marketing?


Find products or services that work well with yours and explore the potential for cross marketing. If you’re a health coach, for example, offer a package with a massage therapist or energy healer. If you’re a financial counselor, partner with a bookkeeper who is building her business.

Joint ventures, or “JV partnerships”, can boost your bottom line – especially in the beginning when you’re first getting started.

And all of these ideas can take your marketing to new heights. (Sorry! Couldn’t resist!)

Seriously, there are better ways to get your name out there.

Lighten up, y’all. Enjoy what you do and let that show. Play with how you bring your business to your peeps.


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