How to Shift Bad Energy (& Get What You Want)

Are you kidding? I asked, incredulous.

My plane was still there, on the tarmac. I was here, suitcase in tow. Why couldn’t I board?

I was headed home after two weeks overseas. I’d had a wonderful trip, even better than expected. I couldn’t believe how well things went the entire time.

And now this?!

I’m pretty detail-oriented, so I’d done my homework for this adventure. I knew almost exactly what to expect, and what I didn’t know, I figured out. Everything turned out beautifully.

But apparently I’d missed one key fact: for international flights, one had to be at the airport not two, but three hours early. So when I arrived at 9:30 sharp for my 11:30 flight, that wasn’t good enough.

The neatly attired woman behind the counter had little sympathy for a foolish American who couldn’t follow instructions. Her shift was almost up, and she was ready to go. “You’ll have to buy another ticket”, she said with an irritated sigh.

Buy a one-way, international ticket on the very day I needed to fly? I was looking at almost $1,000 out of pocket on the spot.

So I didn’t feel particularly friendly either.

Muttering something under my breath, I left the line. Getting as far away from her as possible, I found a corner to sit, charge my phone, and gather my wits.

It was overwhelming. I was alone. Tired. I didn’t have an extra $1,000 to spend. And I wanted to go home. There had to be a better solution.

But first – I had to get my mindset back.

So I gave myself a firm talking to.

“No one’s coming to rescue you, Wendy. You have to figure this out. You have to shift the energy. If you stay in this negative place it will just get worse and you know it. Turn it around, child!”

An hour later, I headed back to that counter. Walking slowly across the concourse, still dragging my too-heavy suitcase with the broken handle, I remembered.

I remembered how much fun the past two weeks had been, how kind and decent all the people had been.

I remembered the beauty, the food, the music.

I remembered the tears I’d cried at how perfect it all was.

I remembered so much joy.

And I tapped into that with everything I had, allowing those feelings to come back into my heart as I walked.

This time, back at the counter, I was waited on by a soft spoken man with kind eyes. He listened to my story, and at first, he too, said I’d have to buy another ticket.

But his energy was different – and so was mine.

I pleaded. Wasn’t there anything else he could do?

Well yes, he could. With a small tweak in the process, he could get me another ticket for $300 later that day. I’d have to spend the night in Boston, though, before a connecting flight early the next morning. Was that okay?

Oh my gosh – yes!

That shift was not unusual. Throughout my life, I have repeatedly learned that how I feel impacts what I experience (not the other way around).

And it’s not just at frustrating ticket counters; it’s in business too.

Because energy is everything.

What happens in your body, spirit and your mind when you are worried or afraid?
How about when you’re overwhelmed or tired?

Your thoughts probably match your mood – and you contract, not expand.

Not only will this literally impact what happens in your physical experience, it will hurt your business as well.

The phone stops ringing. Your ideas stall. Cash flow slows.

But that’s not all.

Energy is reciprocal.

You get what you give energetically. That is, if you’re putting out negative energy, you get negative energy back.

And it doesn’t matter what you say or do – it matters how you feel.

(No matter what I said, you can imagine how I felt when they wouldn’t let me on that plane.)

But here’s the good news.

Energy is adaptable.

With conscious awareness, you can shift energy to a better place – and have a better outcome.

Focus on something that makes you feel good, as I did above.

Set an intention for the outcome you want; imagine it unfolding in ways that surprise and delight you.

Ask yourself, “what if it’s possible that…” (this could work out perfectly, everything is okay, the solution is on its way, she’s having a tough day too…)

Keep reaching for a new thought, until you feel a tiny shift inside.

If you feel a little lighter, a little better, or even a hint of a grin – you’re doing it. You’re shifting the energy, and the momentum.

Nurture that feeling, and watch what unfolds in the minutes, hours or days after.

It may sound crazy, but you’ll be astonished at what happens next.


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