Being in Relationship with Your Business: Looking for Love in All the Right Places

That’s what a client wrote after I explained the thinking behind my not-quite-like-everyone-else business model.

We’ve only been working together for a few weeks, but she’s already taking off like a rocket: putting together packages, revamping her pricing structure, and taking a much-needed fresh look at self care.

To say that she was ready is an understatement – and it’s soooo much fun to see her becoming.

So when I got her note, this is what I wrote back.

“You know that tag line I use?
Love your business, love your life?
live that. :))
I really, really, really, really, really love seeing people grow….”

And it hit me how absolutely true that is.

I really do love my business. I really do love my life.
(And sometimes I cry when I see people grow.)

But it hasn’t always been this way.

I launched my first business about the same time I was almost fired. Later, after serving in local elected office, I was so broke I could hardly pay my bills. Ugh. And since then, the lessons have continued in ways that I couldn’t have predicted.

But here’s the thing.

When we decide to start a business, we step into a life, into a relationship, that will challenge us, and change us, like no other.

And we’ll either grow with it – or we’ll grow out of it – just like any other long term relationship.

My business and I? We’re growing together. :)

Of course – we started out head-over-heels in love, complete with all that happy, honeymoon excitement. But the magic has come by finding a way to stay in love.

ALL relationships take hard work, and the one you have with your business is no exception. You will always have something to soothe, something to solve, and something to celebrate.

The key to a healthy, long term relationship, is knowing which of those to focus on at any given time, because “where the focus goes, energy grows”.

Or, as I tell my students:

“You’re going to find whatever you’re looking for,
so make sure you’re looking for what you want to find.”

Remember back when you were so excited about starting your business you could hardly breathe? Do you still feel that way?

Bringing Ava home…

I do. :)

Just this week, I felt even greater appreciation for the power of positive focus, as I started work with an absolutely ideal client, and brought home a beautiful new four legged friend.

(This is my sweet girl, Ava. Isn’t she beautiful?)

Because luck has nothing to do with it.

The key to staying in love with your business – and your life – is to never lose sight of the good.

Here’s how.

1. Stop complaining.

Every time you complain, you’re adding energy to what you don’t want. Let it go.

2. Go on a date.

Not with your honey (though that’s fine too), but with your business. :)

At least once a quarter, set aside an entire day to dream, plan, and reconnect with the heart of your work.

The Vision Board workshop I hosted last month did that for everyone who came. By the end of the day, we could all feel the renewed sense of possibility that filled the room.

But a quiet day with your calendar, a white board, and a journal can be just as powerful, if you’ll create the space.

3. Find things to celebrate – regularly.

I start every coaching call with the same question. “What kind of celebrations do you have today? What’s new and good in your business?”

Sometimes, clients fight me on this, because self-criticism comes easy. “I haven’t done squat this week; there’s nothing to celebrate!”

And yet, there is always something good there – even on the worst weeks. Sometimes, it just takes a moment to find it.  

4. Create this (magical) daily ritual.

This is my go-to tool for turning around a negative mindset, and a sagging business.

Each night, before bed, skip the gratitude list. Instead, make a list of everything you can think of that you love, like or appreciate about your business (or your day.)

  • love the freedom I have to serve people in the way I know really works.
  • love being able to try out new ideas and follow inspiration.
  • love making all this money!
  • really like being able to set my own schedule, and being able to plan a day off without having to ask anyone for permission.                                                  
  • appreciate the challenge of learning new business skills, because I know that when I’m learning, I’m growing…
  • appreciate the fact that I’m getting better at this, even though I don’t always realize it. :)

And on. And on. Keep writing until you feel good, and find yourself smiling. These practices will keep your relationship strong and healthy for a long time.

What’s your favorite way to reconnect with your business

Photo Credit: Mike Procario on Flicr, and Wendy Pitts Reeves


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