Episode 87. How to Get a Healthy Private Practice Off the Ground - and Quickly

Managing a private practice, like any business, means managing growth. And growth always happens in phases. 

We all start as beginners somehow - right? I know.

But the start up phase of a private practice can be completely overwhelming. No one taught us how to do this in grad school, and we have a LOT of questions.

  • What do I charge? 
  • Should I offer a sliding scale?
  • How will I get paid? 
  • Who should I work with?
  • Where will I see them? 
  • Do I have to offer evening appointments? 
  • How do I get referrals? 
  • What do I say when someone asks me what I do?

Whew boy.

So. Many. Questions.
(And that’s just for starters!)

Well don’t worry my friend, because I’ve got you covered.

In today’s episode, I’m going to break it all down, so you’ll know what you HAVE to know up front, and what can wait.

In this episode, I’ll share:

1. Three key decisions you’ll have to make up front, and how getting those in place will make everything else so much easier.

2. Four new skills it will help to learn first in your new role as a business owner.

3. A handful of specific action steps to take right now as you figure out the foundation of your practice.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Let’s fix that.

Let’s get you started, so you can open your doors to new income, and new ways to help others.

P.S. Don’t miss the journal prompt below!



Based on what you’ve learned from today’s episode, what one thing could you do today to move your private practice, your business, forward?





As a coach of mine used to say, running a business is a full contact sport. There are SO many different parts of it to keep up with, manage, think about, and create - at every step of the way. How do you know what to work on first or where to focus your energy? How do you tell where your weaknesses are and where you're solid?

Well I’ve got you covered! The IP360 Scorecard, based on the 7 Pillars of an Ideal Practice, is designed to give you a practical, actionable, big-picture review of your practice as it stands. And you can complete it in less than 10 minutes.

Click on the link below to get your free copy today.
The IP360 Scorecard 

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