Episode 82. Overcome Money Shame for More Success, with Profit Coach Sam Varner

Let’s talk about how to overcome money shame and boost your business profitability.

In this week’s episode on Ideal Practice, I spoke with Samantha (Sam) Varner, a straight talking profit coach and business strategist who’s changing the way we heart centered folks think about profit.

She’s got a message for us that I think we should listen to. :)

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • Five steps you can take to overcome that persistent shame that soooo many of us have around understanding the numbers in our private practice.
  • How to understand the difference between various financial professionals, who you really DO need on your team, and who can wait. 
  • Why money doesn’t buy happiness, but what it DOES buy instead - and why you need that. 
  • The one financial book Sam says we all should read.

And perhaps more than anything else, you’ll understand how imperative it is that we make peace with profit - for everyone’s sake.

This was a fun one, y’all. Give it a listen. 

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As a profit coach and money making business strategist, Sam Varner specializes in supporting six-figure service-based business owners to make profit a priority by implementing her proprietary CRUSH Formula.  A conversation with Sam is a straight talking chat about profit, business success and the drive women have inside that is ready to explode. She is open and honest about what it takes to achieve business growth well into 6 figures - and just how to tap into your hidden potential as a practice owner.





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