Episode 65. It Started with a Vision: What I Got Right as a Private Practice Owner

Would you like to hear some of the secrets behind a thriving private practice? That’s what you’ll get in today’s episode.

When I started my private practice, I had a strong, clear and powerful vision for what I wanted to build. That, I now know, was a key driver in my success. I’ll tell you more about what that vision was and how it guided every decision I made. (This is so important.)

But we won’t stop there. I’ll also revel several other core strategies that I know contributed to the success of my practice.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

1. How I built a brand totally by accident. 😜

2. About one strategy that I really had to push my little introvert heart to use - and how it paid off.

3. The most powerful action of all that I know helped us earn our place as a respected community resource.

And there’s lots more.

Every one of these helped me get my business off the ground even when it was just me, AND as I built a successful group practice with more business than we could manage.

Which one of these stands out for you? Which one of these are you using, or plan to START using, in your practice?

Shoot me a DM or an email and let me know.

And enjoy! 

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