Episode 56. Four Mantras That Keep Me Going Through Business (& Life!)

Something short and sweet for you today!

Being an entrepreneur is never for the faint of heart, my friends. In many ways, running your own business will challenge you like nothing else. #truth

Still, I’ve found that certain principles help me stay steady, and stick with it. They keep going AND growing no matter what kind of craziness, chaos, and curveballs come my way.

Today, I’m sharing 4 of my favorites.

Because who knows? Maybe they’ll help you too. :)


P.S. Got a favorite mantra, a bit of go-to wisdom of your own? Post it on Facebook and tag me so I’ll see it. I’d love to share! 


What’s your favorite mantra for coping with chaos and thriving no matter what? Where did that come from, and how does it help you? 


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Everything is Figureoutable, by Marie Forleo. 


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