Why You Need to Find and Follow Your North Star

And if you do, can you find the North Star?

Sitting right at the tip of the Little Dipper handle, it’s called “Polaris”, and it’s easy to find, no matter where you are.

Long before we had a GPS in our pocket, finding the North Star kept wanderers from getting lost as they traveled across continents and oceans. 

You need to know what your North Star is, in your business, too. 

At first, when I thought about this, I was thinking about core principles that guide your business. But those, really, are a little different. Guiding principles are more of a set of values and beliefs that feed into everything you do, from how you design your business, to how you serve your customers.

Your North Star is more than that.

It’s your ultimate goal for your business, the purpose that drives everything you do.

In fact, if you think about it, you may even have a very similar goal for your self.

It’s what you are about, the thread that weaves through every iteration of who you are and what you do over time.

Think about different things you’ve done in your life. No matter what kind of variety you’ve had in jobs, businesses, or even in your personal life – certain things just light you up, don’t they? Every single time.

Figure out what that is, and you’ll have it.

Knowing this will guide you as you grow.

Just like those early explorers, It will help you find your way.

In fact, it will provide startling clarity, so that making decisions gets easier. It will give you energy, when you’re excited about where you’re headed.

It will help you move forward powerfully – and deliberately.

This became super clear to me recently, while working with a client who has something critically important to share with the world. As you’ll hear in the video above, getting clear on her North Star made a huge difference in her ability to gain momentum, and move purposefully towards her vision for her business.

And I’ve been thinking about this in my own business, too. I’ll share a recent discovery with you in the video, but it might surprise you…It’s not at all what you would expect from a typical Business Coach. :)

So here’s the thing.

When it comes to your business, are you feeling a little scattered, or like you’re trying to force things to work? Or are you focused and clear, with things beginning to fall into place easily?

Once you find your North Star, you’ll be able to tell when you’re off track. And you’ll know what direction you need to get back on, too.

 What is your ultimate goal – your North Star –  for your business?




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