Why Sometimes It’s Better NOT to Talk About Your Business

Often, your first line of defense will be at home, with family, or with your closest friends.

After all, who better to reach for when you need some encouragement? They’re your number one fans, your best cheerleaders; they’ll help you hang in there and fight the good fight.

Because no one believes in you like close friends and family, right?

Of course. (I hope so, anyway!)

But when you’re talking about your business, seeking their support may not always be the best thing to do. 

I learned this the hard way years ago, when first starting my private practice. Getting used to an irregular paycheck was hard on us. And although my husband supported my dream of owning a business, there were days when I know he wondered if I’d made a terrible mistake.

I was thinking about this recently on a long drive to visit my folks for Mother’s Day; about what happens when we talk about our business with our family.

Perhaps it’s not always the best thing to do.

Click on the audio link below, and I’ll share a few things to consider the next time you want to share your business adventures with those you love. 


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Photo Credit: embdot on Flickr


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