Value What You Bring to the Table, and Keep Showing Up

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“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ”
― William James (1842-1920) American philosopher & psychologist


“I’m just a yoga teacher.”
“I’m just a song writer.”
“I’m just a life coach.”

I’ve heard all of these and more from clients, friends, and colleagues over the past few weeks. In each case, someone I respect and admire seriously minimized the good they bring to the world.

And I get it. Somehow, with serious, life-impacting events happening all around us right now, you might think what you’re doing doesn’t matter.

But you would be wrong.

There are 1000 ways you make a difference, every single day. Some of them are small – like bringing your love her first cup of coffee in the morning, or rubbing the ears of your favorite four legged.

Some of them are huge, like offering an online support group to your clients because you know they need an extra dose of contact, or offering your trademark talk on line for the first time even though it makes you nervous. (Full disclosure: yours truly is doing that next week. Aack.)

They all matter. They all help. They all lift up others.

And if there was ever a time when we needed uplifters, it’s now.


Take a look at your calendar for the past two weeks, and think about what you’ve done from one day to another. How did you make a difference for someone you love, someone you serve, or someone you don’t even know?

Give yourself permission to value what you bring to the table, and keep showing up – because we need the songwriters and the healers and the coaches.

We need you.

Be well,

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