Time for a Raise? (Free Download)

I’ve got a few questions for you this week, Friend:

- Do you feel like your caseload’s getting bigger — but your bank account’s getting smaller?

- Are you constantly feeling overworked but underpaid? (Ugh.)

- Do you ever feel guilty for wanting more?

Yeah. I know. SOOOO many of my clients feel the same way. (And I used to feel that way too.)

Well if your answer is yes, then I have great news for you. This week, I’m walking you through three easy, practical steps to solve those problems - guilt free. :)

Check it out below.

As healers, I know that many of you are afraid of losing clients, or of being seen as greedy if you raise your rates; HOWEVER, clients know when you are undercharging.

Okay Wendy, I hear you loud and clear - and I’m nervous - but I’m ready.
But what do I say? How do I break the news to my clients?

I’ve got you covered, my friend.

I’ve provided a free download for you to process through and use as a sample letter on raising your rates. And if you find yourself needing some accountability or having any questions, join us on Thursday at 1PM EST for our Ideal Practice Cafe.

I’m here for you Friend and excited to see you value your work at the rate that I know you’re worth :)

P.S. Do you know someone else who’s undercharging for their services? Someone you care about? Someone you want to encourage?  Forward this email to them so they’ll have access to this message and The All-in-One Rate Increase Client Notification Template too!


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