The One Thing That Will Keep You Going (When Things Get Rough)

Hey there,

Happy Holidays!

As you head off for what I dearly hope is a midwinter break, I want to give you a few things to ponder.

So here, as we do each week, you’ll find one video, one quote, one idea, and one thing you might want to try.

Here’s your 11:11 for today.


As you take time to reflect on life and work here at the end of the year, it helps to remember why you started this crazy entrepreneur’s life to begin with.

Do you remember?

Why did you become a healer? Why did you want to start a practice of your own?

Reconnecting with our greater purpose keeps us going when things get rough, overwhelming, or just plain busy.

There are big things on the horizon for you, my friend.

Take time now to reconnect with what makes it all worth it.


Before we can stand out,
we must first get clear on what we stand for.
― Simon Sinek


When I switched my major from communications (buh-bye broadcasting fantasies!) to psychology (hello, grad school), I knew I’d just taken a major turn on the road that was becoming my life.

Even back then, in my early 20’s, I knew that I wanted to do work that mattered, work that impacted others, work that made a difference.

I also knew that I wanted to do work that was fascinating - and even fun - at every level.

That way of thinking - it has to be important and I have to genuinely enjoy it - has stayed with me. Those desires - and a few others that showed up along the way - have followed me through every job change, every business evolution, and every personal step forward.

And today, it gives me a strange sense of comfort, and continuity, to see how that thinking has guided my decisions throughout my career. Still does.

What’s guiding you?


Hopefully, you’re giving yourself some space here at the end of the year to think about where you are as a practice owner, and where you want to go in the coming year.

As you engage in that process, spending time with a journal is nice. :) Take some time to check in with yourself, to ask what this is all about for you.

What is your ‘why’, now, at this stage of the game? What do you want your business to do for others? And what do you want it to do for you?What lights you up now?

And how are you tending to that in your business in 2022???

Mmmm. Good stuff. :)

Have an awesome holiday, y’all!


P.S. I’m taking time over the holidays to do this too. :)

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