The One Thing That Could Stop You in Your Tracks

You take that huge step in what I used to call the Scared Strong formula.

You make The Decision.

And it’s a BIG one.

Because you’re ready to step up in your business (or your life!) in some major way.

“It’s time.” You tell yourself.

“I’m done playing small…

Let’s DO this.”

Even though there’s no one around, and you’re really just talking to yourself.

(Yeah. I know. I do it too!)

But you take the Big Leap – whatever that leap is for you.

Maybe you finally quit your job to focus on your business full time, and hope you can still pay your mortgage.

Maybe you start saying no to dollars-for-hours and pray that you’ll still get paid at all!

Maybe you make a huge investment with some coaching program that is so exciting (and terrifying) that it takes your breath away.

Whatever it is, you feel RIGHT about it.  

Freakishly right.

(When this happens to me, I get chills. And usually I end up crying with absolutely no idea why. Ugh.)

But in spite of the fear, you step into it. All the way.

Hands balled up into fists. Jaw clenched. Heart pounding.

Determined. Terrified.

Then all hell breaks loose. 

Something goes (big time) wonky.

For example, last week, I met a woman who’d quit her job to focus on her business full time, only to go through a divorce AND breast cancer months later.

Another colleague lost her biggest client (and greatest source of income) the very next day after she made the huge emotional, and financial, commitment to join a high level coaching program.

I’ve heard stories of injuries, job layoffs, foreclosures, illness, divorce. You name it.

It’s as if the Universe is testing you.

“You sure about this? You ready?”

And it can absolutely stop you in your tracks.

So what in the world do you do?

Well, of course, you could quit.

You could choose to see this as your “sign” that you were never meant to do this work anyway. 

And it’s really, really easy to go there.


You could choose instead to take care of your Self, body and soul.

That may mean getting the healthcare you need. It may mean taking a real vacation and getting the rest your body craves.

It may mean letting go of unhealthy relationships and releasing old patterns that no longer serve you.

And if you’re anything like my private clients, it probably means learning how to cope with (big time) fear and how to deal with the unknown.

You could choose to come back to center.

Come back to who you are, to what you know.

This is when I talk with my clients about how to breathe, how to realign with their highest selves, how to re-connect with their purpose on the planet.

I help them remember their ‘why’.

It’s called “the breakdown before the breakthrough”.

But it doesn’t have to be something terrible like an illness or some financial crash.

It can be a massive crisis in confidence, a wave of self doubt that threatens to knock you off your feet.

But here’s the thing.

One way or another – this happens to all of us.

And your power lies in the response you choose.  

Will this be a road block? A dead end that stops you completely?

Or a speed bump that slows you down for a bit?

If you need help sorting through your options, call me. There is so much more waiting for you on the other side, and I’d hate to see you miss that.

When you run into the breakdown before the breakthrough –

What will your response be?



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