Sunsets and Laughter

When was the last time you spent an evening with women friends and really took the time to enjoy one another’s company? Tell a few stories? Shed a few tears? Laugh – a lot?

If you can’t remember, then it’s been toooo long.

There are many things I love about the Secret Adventures for Courageous Women that I’ve been hosting since last fall. Chief among those are the friendships being formed among some really cool people. As new folks join us with each new venture, new memories are being made and shared, new understandings developed.

And a new community is being born. 

Last Saturday, some of those Courageous Women joined me for a more-or-less impromptu cookout at Louisville Point Park, a beautiful little park that juts out into Fort Loudon Lake in Blount County here in East Tennessee. All of them had come on at least one of our past Secret Adventures, so there were more than a few tales to tell — especially by those who’d found themselves on the recent fishing expedition.

(Did I tell you about spilling an entire bucket of flopping minnows in the B/P parking lot? Yeah. That was funny.)

Saturday was sunny and beautiful, with a brisk breeze coming off the lake that kept bugs away and helped fend off the day’s heat. That same breeze made starting the charcoal a little challenging — but a good 25 or so matches into it, with a paper towel and some creative problem solving by Barbara Morrison and Becky Tucker, we persevered! Everyone brought their own favorites for grilling, from shish-ka-bobs to hot dogs. And it was lovely.

We shared a little about ourselves as the sun set across sparkling water. There were stories about women who’d inspired and encouraged us, many of whom were family. There was the grandmother whose laugh lifted spirits no matter what, and the mom who took her children to wonderful wild places when other moms thought she should stay safe at home. There was the daughter whose strength through adversity was inspiring to her mom, and I think, a testament to her mom as well. 

There were some pretty funny stories in there too.

(You’ll have to ask one of them about the romantic hammock…)

I’d purchased a brand new lantern earlier in the day, but for some reason hadn’t been able to light it when I tried earlier. No worries! When the sun set and the stars came out, Renee Hunter lit it without a problem. And so we sat into the night, watching Mars pop out above the moon, and listening to the crickets tune up for their nightly concert.

Dessert under the stars. Laughter. Sharing. Magic.

Stress relief to the first degree.

Crystal Clark and Becky Tucker treated us all to home-made desserts. Tomorrow, I’l share one of their recipes. Now – I’m not much of a cook, so if I’m sharing a recipe, it’s because it’s delicious, and easy!

So how about you?

Have you had a special moment with friends lately?
Spent anytime outdoors?

What’s lifted YOUR spirits?



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