Silver Linings in Difficult Times: How Many Can You Find?

Some days are going to be harder than others – especially when the days drag on and one week of weirdness leads to the next. So, each day this month, I’m offering you 4 gifts: one image, one quote, one idea, and one thing you might want to try.

Think about it. And share this with a friend.



I’m counting every silver lining I can get.
― Dabo Swinney (b. 1969) Football Coach, Clemson University


For some of us, living with a pandemic hasn’t been that different. If you already worked from home, or have a thriving online business, life may feel almost normal.

For others, this is a scary, scary time. I just read an article in Forbes that said that real unemployment in the U.S. has “likely hit 14.7%, the highest since 1940.” That’s a sobering statistic if there ever was one.

But the world is different than it was in 1940. We are creative, resilient people. And we have options today that we couldn’t have imagined back then.

Remember that.


With a background in mental health, I am painfully aware that depression and anxiety are on the rise.

Just this morning, a client of mine who works on the corporate side of a fast food enterprise told me that she’s had a bigger issue than usual with customers being hateful and rude to her employees.

Fear often shows up as anger.

But you can keep fear at bay, by consciously seeking that which feels good. Silver linings are everywhere – when we have the eyes to see them.

For example, today is usually tax day here in the U.S., but we’re being given until July 15 to pay not only our 2019 federal income tax, but our first and second quarter estimated taxes as well. You may or may not want to take advantage of that offer, but isn’t it nice to have the option?

How many silver linings can you find right now? Make a list. Add to it every time you think of something else. And read it out loud. Every day.

See how many you can find.

And be well,

P.S. Got one that really surprises you or pleases you? Hit reply and tell me what it is! 


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