I HAVE to say this… (Just One More thing.)

I have to send just a quick note to you, my Courageous friends, sisters, clients and colleagues.

On my long list of things to be thankful for this holiday season, I am especially thankful for YOU. And most of you know me well enough to know that I don’t “blow smoke”.

I don’t believe in empty compliments or meaningless thanks.

I DO believe that when you have something GOOD to say, you should say it.

And so, I’m saying it.

EVERY ONE of you adds to my life in immeasurable ways. 

…YOU give me (!) endless support and encouragement as I travel my OWN path of Courage to Confidence. You help me figure things out, try new ideas, stretch my own skills, and celebrate with me every step of the way.

…You’re BRAVE, as you join me on each adventure, whether that’s a conversation in my office or a trip across the mountains. You trust me – and humble me — with your time and resources. You jump in with both feet to see what happens, and have a sense of humor along the way. (I’m especially grateful for that sense of humor!)

…You keep me company, AND offer companionship & support to each other as we explore the world in large and small ways.

…You’re PATIENT when I ebb & flow with ideas and consistency, when I write too much or not enough, not to mention when I get pulled over for going, well, a little too fast through certain small towns. Yeah. Well. Maybe we’ll just let that one go. :)

…And most especially, you’ve allowed me to be a WITNESS to the amazing strides that each one of you is making in your own life, as together, we walk the path to exploring the world, discovering the strengths we all have inside, and building the lives that we all really want.

There are no words to adequately express how much that means to me.

So, on this Day of Thanksgiving, I want to thank you, for all of it.

I hope you’ll consider joining me for our C2C Celebration at the base of the foothills in Maryville on December 2, so I can thank you in person.

But whether you come or not, know that you are important to me, and that you are a blessing in my life.

Plain and simple.

Happy Thanksgiving, my Courageous friends.



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