How to Turn Your Life Into a Treasure Hunt

It happened when…

…he was pulling together books to trade at the used book store for a little pocket money. While thumbing through a stack, he found a dollar in one, and then, in another, a ten.

He’d forgotten that years ago, he told me, he’d hidden money in books.

“Why would you do that?” I asked, thinking he was a little young to be worried about a possible run on the banks.

“Because I wanted it to be something I’d discover in the future,” he laughed. “I wanted my life to be a treasure hunt.”

He was only 18, about to graduate from high school, getting ready to head off into the Big World where he had every intention of making some Big Dreams come true. His confidence in his own ability to create the future he intended was lovely. His life was indeed – already – a treasure hunt.

That’s a powerful intention to set for yourself, isn’t it?

…Intending your life to be a treasure hunt – even if you have to create the treasure yourself.

And I realized that I’ve done that too in some ways, all my life. Some of you have seen things I’ll post on Facebook: a photo, a few words, about some small beauty I’ve seen on that day’s walk.

Some of you, too, share your own joys — a sunrise on your way to work, or a particularly funny thing your daughter said – the bounty of your own life’s treasure hunt.

Finding treasure adds joy to even the most mundane tasks, the coldest days, or the hardest times. Finding treasure brings us fully and consciously into Now, reminding us of the joy that comes with being fully Present in this moment.

Finding treasure reminds us that we are alive.

I created Secret Adventures for Courageous Women because I wanted to you, dear ones, to have that kind of experience. I wanted you to see the many treasures that are in your own backyard – and experience the sheer pleasure that comes with their discovery. I am constantly on the search for new things to show you…

…or new ways to show you something you think you already know. :)

Because treasure is everywhere –
once you know where to look.

For Example

Notice the way that light plays on the scenery around you – especially at dawn, dusk, or just before and after a storm.

Notice the way that color pops out in the woods you drive by every day, or the way reflections dance on the windows of the buildings in your city.

Notice the way that sounds ebb and flow, both loud and soft, wherever you are – the sudden burst of birdsong just before dawn, the rise and fall of your lover’s breath, the happy bubbling of a fresh pot of coffee.

Notice the way that textures feel on your skin – the sheer pleasure of a well worn pair of jeans, the sweet soft of your grandmother’s cheek, the easy cushion of cool, fresh grass under your bare feet.

Notice the way your body feels when it’s working just right, when your stride is strong and easy, when your breathing is full and deep, when the pillow under your head holds you just so.

These and more – a tiny wildflower in an unexpected place, a hawk overhead, your favorite-song-of-all-time on the radio – each of these are treasures, waiting for you to notice, and breathe them in.

And if it’s been far too long since you’ve found treasures of your own, why don’t you join us for our Secret Adventure next weekend? Every one of our trips is a a treasure hunt of some kind, and I’d LOVE for you to be a part of it. (But hurry – because I can only take one more!)

And in the meantime, see what kinds of treasure you can find this week.

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Photo Credit: S. Pasharam on Flickr


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